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  1. Predictions for the top 3 Cybertruck exterior modifications

    I agree with 1/ off-road light bar/brush bar on front with winch Electric window tint bed cap/camper top that is vault like but higher and square.
  2. This is how i want my CT dashboard

    I wonder if that would be difficult to tolerate in the dark or rain. My eyes would get fatigued with all that. Maybe 20 years ago I'd like all that shining at me...Does it allow you to shut off 2/3 of it? If so, I'd like it.
  3. Long Range 2-motor?

    I'd like 4 wheel drive and longer range. I won't tow, I'll commute and put some stuff in the back on the weekend. I am more likely to be bringing food in the climate controlled volt to a family outing than I am hauling a trailer. Range, Range, and 4-wheel drive. I reserved the tri motor but...
  4. How the Cybertruck will turn the Auto World Upside down

    well said. I see the CT as a cross between an econo car, sports sedan, truck, station wagon...taking the best from each.
  5. Why are we so crazy about the Cybertruck? Post your reason here

    CT is the most practical vehicle I have ever seen. I want a truck but I drive a lot. I live rural and love it/don't want to move. I have a 130 mile commute at highway speed each way to work so 3-4 days a week I drive 4 hours I currently drive a gas car that gets 35mpg. I really like where...
  6. Elon Confirmed: Cybertruck Colors Options Will Require Wrap

    USA East Coast...outside of Washington DC. I have a buddy who get a wrap in Charlotte NC for about 800...he bought the stuff and the guy came over and wrapped it in a day. Try putting a request out on CL or FB Marketplace...
  7. Elon Confirmed: Cybertruck Colors Options Will Require Wrap

    Wrapping isn't that hard...if you use an easier color/finish. Some of the shiny metallic ones show every last mistake. Some of the carbon fiber ones are pretty easy to lay on there (in a garage with a heat gun). Around here you can get a guy to your house to do it for a few (300-800) hundred...
  8. Cybertruck wishlist - options or ideas you'd like to see available?

    A few people have put it and I'd like to emphasize... wonderfully heated and cooled seats A floor that I can wipe out or wash out. Please nothing that wears out quickly. darkening windows passthrough to the trunk movie mode when sleeping in trunk with darkening windows, climate control and...