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  1. Tesla canceled my solar roof

    Agree that the roof is complex, wasn’t built with solar in mind. There are 4 skylights that we were planning to remove which gained 3kwh. Better to cancel now than fail later, just a bummer because I’ve been waiting since September
  2. Tesla canceled my solar roof

    They said it was too complex with the new installation guidelines
  3. Will cybertruck weight mean it qualifies for sec.179 tax deduction?

    Vehicles over 6000lbs can write off up to $25k purchase price. Does that mean if you use cybertruck for biz you can write it off without depreciated it‽
  4. Cool trailer

  5. Elon and Cybertruck

    Range would be awesome with a Mr. Fusion onboard
  6. How many powerwalls will fit in vault?

    Let’s hypothetically think about max range with powerwalls in the vault. As if we were a future Mark Watney on Mars:cool: Assuming powerwall is (1151 mm × 752 mm × 146 mm) and vault is Height: (1,905 mm) Width: (2,027 mm) Length: (5,885 mm) how many could fit rack and stack? We might further...