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  1. Fold down entrance to the bed from the cabin

    An inflatable version of this that could be anchored to the side track rail system and a nice plush air mattress would be my kind of cybercamper option. Bed lighting with a pass through would be sweet. Even without the pass through, it’s an economical option that will pack up onto a small bag...
  2. How will delivery of the Cybertruck work?

    Our original plan was to have the truck delivered to us here in upstate NY, then make a long round trip to see all our family members out west and south east, then head back home. Flying out to pick it up will cut down on the time needed overall and will allow us to visit longer with everyone...
  3. Cybertruck Plaid

    How many people would purchase a plaid upgrade at 10K - 20K for tri motor cybertruck just to drop 0-60 from <2.9 to 1.9? Not many. Not enough.
  4. Lift kit for Cybertruck?

    Agree. But everyone likes different things. I personally would have loved the CT to have the suspension system of a stadium super truck (the ones that jump off ramps etc) that could be stiffened up for towing.
  5. Cybertruck Tire Size Options What Do You Choose?

    The giant rugged knobbed out tires are great for sand, climbing and floating over things for sure. Although.. I do think back to the old original Army jeeps and some of the wild terrain that they could manage with just those narrow square shoulder jeep tires. It was really impressive for...
  6. TSLA Took a big dump today! WOW!

    I hope it drops down to $50 for a day or so. Then i could pick up another $10,000 of it. That would be awesome!
  7. TSLA Took a big dump today! WOW!

    I sure hope so. The lower the better as it's all temporary. I will just keep getting more stock and the longer it can stay lower the better in the end. One person's big stock dump is another persons great opportunity to purchase more at a discount. Its all perspective i guess. :-)
  8. Wife wants to add FSD to our Cybertruck

    Yeah, I still see no advantage at all in reserving without FSD. Nothing lost to just cancel it later on.
  9. Why some electric car owners return to gas – the reasons aren’t surprising

    More males buy and drive ICE trucks and tow with them, so less likely for them to buy non tesla EV's with less range and other decreased capabilities.. so not many to switch back from that group. This would mean more females buying non tesla and having more issues with range and flexibility of...
  10. What will you tow with your Cybertruck?

    Yup. That looks nice just to keep in the vault until needed. I plan on filling up the vault with a tent, tables, chairs and R/C helicopter gear for the field. Once in a while, maybe the Can Am Outlander, but that will just drive up and in. I don't really have any plans buy a trailer in...
  11. When will Tesla raise prices on the CT?

    I don't know when or if Tesla will raise the price of the CT or FSD feature, but the possibility is there. I did order another CT Tri because its still only $100, which is refundable. There is no way I would order any other CT version or without FSD since it will be easy to just drop options...
  12. Fiery deaths?

    The passenger could touch the wheel to keep it happy. Weight can be put on the driver seat and seatbelt could be fastened behind the driver before activation of fsd. I mean, its really unlikely, but should be possible, no? Regardless, if people are dumb enough to misuse the system, then they...
  13. Elon Musk suggests Cybertruck is not happening this year

    I agree with that thought and I'm kind of glad as it will allow even more funds to be put aside for the purchase. I'd rather wait and have it done right.
  14. Name your top 5 reasons why you pre-ordered a Cybertruck

    All 5 in one: In the future, the ability to be able to use a Neuralink interface to interact with the Tesla vehicles. Imagine the updates/software options and possibilities.
  15. Rivian’s amazing new warranty should be the standard for all EV brands

    A great sounding robust and clear warranty by a new company with no track record sounds great and I agree that ALL EV manufacturers should step it up. But, no warranty at this point would make me any more comfortable purchasing a vehicle that Rivian produces, even if they drop the prices 15...
  16. Rent out your CT to a family for a vacation?

    It will be interesting to see how many will do that.
  17. Cybertruck pop-up roof tent design (Flat Type)

    Kind of like this design, but bigger: