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  1. Tesla Cybertruck beats F-150 Lightning and Hummer EV in US electric truck survey

    It is fun to watch how many Tesla haters are stupid enough to get on video deliberately damaging or crashing into Teslas.
  2. China Cybertruck owner-Do you think Cypertruck works better with Alpha Dog?

    I agree, a floating tube won’t work. But a tunnel might. There is even a couple of islands halfway with a small village. But the other end is in Russia, with no villages in site for many, many miles! In other words, no charging stations. Ron
  3. Who here plans on NOT babying their Cybertruck and will use it for heavy work?

    I hope to pull an rv with it, approximately 9,000 lbs. I’m still not sure if I will get a tri-motor or a dual motor. I’m probably going to also haul wood in it which means going off road into mud and maybe cross some small streams.
  4. Ohio

    Close, Shelby, just north of Mansfield. Ron
  5. This is Copcon. My Cybertruck revervation.....

    So how do I change my order from a dual motor to a trimotor? Don’t want to lose my place in line.
  6. Cybertruck to use 48V instead of 12V?

    I thought most EVs used at least 600v whereas the new Lucid use 900v to get quicker acceleration.
  7. Heavy-duty BEVs like the Tesla Semi won’t work—biofuels a better option: Bill Gates

    Some trucks have sleeper cabs, some don’t. Tesla makes both so no modification will be necessary. One driver will be able to control 2 or even 3 trucks which will make 2 drivers a thing of the past. Tesla will change the semi experience we now know change very quickly.
  8. Tesla's 700 Mile Battery Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

    But what cost? They stated starts at $100,000. Do you get 500 miles for that money or that much range is another $10,000?
  9. Cybertruck Towing Range

    Who said the EPA gave the range on these trucks? There is only one available right now so how could the EPA give the range on the other two models? When these Cybertrucks are finally released, they will use all new batteries.
  10. Cybertruck Towing Range

    Has anyone considered Tesla is posting the towing range with a fully loaded trailer ? Tesla rated the semi with a 80,000 load. Thoughts? Would that be a game changer?
  11. Musk Again Teases That Cybertruck Will Float

    Approximately 4600 pounds.
  12. Ohio

    I’m from Ohio. Anyone else in Ohio order their truck and which one? I ordered the dual motor. I’m about halfway between Columbus and Cleveland.
  13. Wisconsin

    Ohio, about an hour north of Columbus.