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  1. Stinkd

    Anti yoke folk.. you have a fallback option.

    I hope I can take my hands off of the yoke, take a sip of coffee, change the tunes on my LCD, and not worry about the wheel moving, and be able to concentrate on these tasks successfully before grabbing the wheel again
  2. Stinkd

    Anti yoke folk.. you have a fallback option.

    I am glad this video is out there, it gives me a good look on how the yoke steering will be done.
  3. Stinkd

    The Conundrum

    Recently my 2012 Toyota Prius V3 suddenly needed it's engine fixed. I already had $6400 saved for the CT, but I needed a car to travel with, so I bought a 2014 Prius V5 with 61,000 miles. Now, I am going to hold off on buying my CT, for an extra year or two after my reservation number comes up.
  4. Stinkd

    Cybertruck reservation order number -- how to tell your place in line

    That was awesome, the spreadsheet was simple to navigate and now I know my info. I kind of suspect my order will not be filled until 2024. Recently my 2012 Toyota Prius V3 with 163,000 miles had huge issues, so I traded it in and got a 2014 Toyota Prius V5 with all the options and only 62,000...
  5. Stinkd

    Cybertruck Spotted in NYC! [Street Video Added]

    This video Is so amazing, Elon cruising in the Big Apple, heading to SNL!
  6. Stinkd

    What steering wheel would you like to see?

    I like this style because it looks like there will be enough space on it to hold the bottom of the yoke with a full grip, allowing comfortable one handed driving.
  7. Stinkd

    Tesla Releases High-Res Images of the Cybertruck

    these pics got me so excited.
  8. Stinkd

    Hoping for a 5 seater option and remove the 3rd seat in the front.

    I did enjoy driving a 76 VW bus, It certainly had two separate front seats, and when I wanted I could pull over, raise up my right side armrest, and walk to the back seat area. If the CT was set up less like an SUV, and more spacious so one could walk from front to back seats, without opening...
  9. Stinkd

    Hoping for a 5 seater option and remove the 3rd seat in the front.

    I think the front center seat could fold down, creating a center console. It seems that would be an easy thing to develop.
  10. Stinkd

    How many are buying CT that DONT actually NEED a truck?

    I was always an owner of certain types of cars, and I have always had a specification of only owning vehicles that fit one of two catergories- The vehicle had to either be a convertible, or one spacious enough that I can sleep in it. Multi purposes always made more sense to me, so the only...
  11. Stinkd

    Justify the cost to own

    I've saved $8300 so far for my CT. I suspect by the end of 2021 I will have $30,300. I ordered a dual motor, and the $7,000 FSD, that comes to about $57,000 plus registration and fees and all that. Hopefully by the time my CT is ready to be shipped maybe in February 2022 I will have saved...
  12. Stinkd

    GMC Hummer EV

    This new Hummer EV costs double a top of the line Cybertruck, and it supposedly gets 350 + miles. I like the convertible pop out roof panels, and some futuristic features seems kind of cool, but some a bit unnecessary (The crab walk). Hummer Link
  13. Stinkd

    Nissan owner trying to make their car look like a Tesla

    It was enjoyable to watch as this guy disguises his car to look like a Tesla.
  14. Stinkd

    Cup holders

    the two Mercedes I had, the SLK 230 and the SL 500 had two cup holders in the middle, on the dash, they folded out with applying just a touch of pressure, these were always very useful. I like that image of Cybertruck having 3 embedded in the fold down center seat.
  15. Stinkd

    These Off-Grid, Luxury Travel Trailers Pack Enough Oomph to Power a Tesla Cybertruck

    Thanks for posting the full details of this, with pictures! It sounds awesome. I like the interesting ideas/options presented, it now leaves me excited for what the future will bring.
  16. Stinkd

    full steering wheel?

    this design appears to offer the 6 o’clock handhold, and that is fine with me. I fully agree with what the OP has explained, I want to hold onto the bottom of the wheel while my other hand is free to do other things. I was the one who posted the previous steering wheel post a few months ago.
  17. Stinkd

    Cybertruck will make public debut at Petersen Auto Museum in LA beginning From June 20-27!

    I plan to begin driving from Denver to LA on the 25th. I arrive in LA on the 26th, and if all works out I'll stop at the exhibit! This is great news!
  18. Stinkd

    Cybertruck Steering Wheel Dimensions

    Yea, I assume an aftermarket attachment probably exists, if that is what's necessary that will suffice.
  19. Stinkd

    Cybertruck Steering Wheel Dimensions

    thanks for the thought. The original steering wheel design they show looks very grippable for my needs, as I saw in the 2021 Tesla Cybertruck Interior Youtube video, it would be cool if they refrain from drastic changes of it, or change it a little to make the center bottom of the wheel a...
  20. Stinkd

    Cybertruck Steering Wheel Dimensions

    When driving I drink coffee wth one hand, and change radio stations with one hand, and also hold the wheel with two hands, but one way I am most comfortable is when I can hold the wheel in the center bottom of the wheel (photos of my Toyota Prius V5 steering wheel are included to further...