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  1. Tesla (TSLA) gets bullish forecast with conservative Cybertruck production (under)estimate

    I 3d printed mine, probably all the CT I am going to get for the next 6 years, I am probably the 1.2 millionth in line.
  2. Rear Wheel Steering

    a sketch of what i think you were saying -- \----\ | | | | | | /----/ -- this would probably squeal the tires a lot, unless you are in the dirt :) Or if all wheels could turn independently and drive different directions, -- /----\ | | | | |...
  3. Video: Cybertruck Lowered Rear Air Suspension and Drops Tailgate Ramp @ Giga Texas

    oh man, I love how low that bed looks when the front is tipped up and the rear down.
  4. Cybertruck spotted inside Tesla Gigafactory Texas

    Just chillin there, waiting for the CT patrol to spot it.
  5. Cybertruck Spotted in NYC! [Street Video Added]

    Yeah, beautiful. They keep that thing spotless.
  6. Car designer Frank Stephenson's view on the Cybertruck

    I like the cybertruck for its capabilities, not because it looks like I can give it a hug. I feel that the cyber truck is making a statement instead of blending into the world where every new car is curvy. I feel like the cybertruck will be a collectors item, because of it's...
  7. Window breakers (to escape drowning) would they work on a ct?

    I just had a thought about the CT. What if there is an electrical failure and you can't get out of the car. I would be comforted if I knew there was some emergency escape, that was not based on the computer system being functional.
  8. Fiery deaths?

    I thought a similar thing. Where was the driver, where is the murder investigation? I am pretty sure I saw this in a movie. Mrderer puts sleeping people in the back of a car and rolls it off a dock. Or in this case puts sleeping people in a car and makes it look like it went off the road and...
  9. China Cybertruck owner-Do you think Cypertruck works better with Alpha Dog?

    Welcome to the board Xu Jin. I hope good things for the Chinese people.
  10. Cybertruck is Eternal?... The last vehicle you ever need to purchase?

    Yeah, I was thinking of keeping this vehicle forever. Though I was thinking of it more as a collectors item. I would love to keep it operational replacing parts as they break.
  11. CyberLandr Camper / Overlander Concept for Cybertruck

    With a six foot bed the 'beds' in the trailer only looked six feet long. Also I agreed with the fellow earlier about the seats being unecessary. In fact the cab of the truck has some very nice seats :) I prefer the more bed oriented campers.
  12. Who would commit a down payment today?

    I would do it if I got bumped up in line :)
  13. Who's planning on a Cybertruck factory pickup / delivery

    I want to pick up just to make a party over it. Though I might have to fly down from Utah to get it.
  14. The Exoskeleton design is brilliant

    Wonderful topic, I was thinking that without the thick frame sitting under the passengers there wll be more room for batteries. Also, what will the motors and other mechanicals sit on? Normally they would be mounted to a frame.
  15. How can the Tri-Motor Cybertruck at $70k possibly be real?

    I loved so many of these comments. May Tesla crank out those CT efficiently so I can get one soon even though I am at the tail end of the waiting list.
  16. Elon: Cybertruck will not have door handles!

    The icebreaker make so much sense. A little mechanism to pop the door open forcefully. I was thinking since this morning, what mechanism would be involved in opening the door without a handle. It may just be an ice breaker and then you pull the door open using the side of the door.