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  1. SC here

    3 motor CT reserved here. I can hardly wait. It is a lot bigger than my current ride (Prius) so I will rent a big F150 for a week or so before CT arrives. Life will get easier. CT will be easy to see in the parking lot full of F150, SUV, and Prius around here. I am a bit of a math and spread...
  2. Cybertruck Tire Size Options What Do You Choose?

    Any Scientific Wild Ass Guesses about the tri-motor will really need to have the 500 mile range and 0-60 in 2.9? SWAGs about what might increase highway range? Lower 0-60? My use will probably be 90% road, 5% gravel, and 5% nasty to scare people. I am willing to forego the nasty if it makes a...
  3. Ride The Lightning podcast source says tri-motor Cybertruck will have at least 560 miles range + steering wheel has changed from prototype

    Another idea: Why the focus on 3 motors, 600 mile range, 0-60 in 2.9? For another 10-20k$ give me 4 motors, 800 miles, 2.3 seconds. And add a prop if the beast really floats. A titanium instead of stainless option to increase range and improve 0-60? This will be the last vehicle in my life. I...
  4. SPECIAL EDITION QUAD-MOTOR Cybertruck rumor

    IF Quad motor makes the CT faster and increases the range I will gladly pay the incremental cost over the Tri Motor I have reserved. It is excessive. I welcome more excess. I am old and scrimped for decades to have fun in retirement. I WANT a 4 motor CT with rockets. NOW.
  5. Cybertruck Will Distill Water, Hints Musk!

    I would use the distillation feature. I use distilled water in my CPAP and coffee machine.
  6. Musk Again Teases That Cybertruck Will Float

    I live in coastal SC and love to fish. I would gladly pay for a salt water trolling option.
  7. Ride The Lightning podcast source says tri-motor Cybertruck will have at least 560 miles range + steering wheel has changed from prototype

    I am a 'lowly buyer' I am buying my 3motor CT not for the towing (it has been years since I have towed anything) or for the bed capacity (I do not recall buying 3500 lbs of groceries). To me the big draws are THE LOOK: The most radical look in town. THE 0-60 (smoke clueless teens in Camaros).
  8. Ride The Lightning podcast source says tri-motor Cybertruck will have at least 560 miles range + steering wheel has changed from prototype

    Why a steering wheel? Why not a joystick. Also gets rid of the gear selector clutter. Even better, what about a neural interface? I would sign up for the implant. Pickup folks are SO retro!
  9. Elon Musk teases ‘lots of improvements’ for the production Cybertruck

    The only things I might add: 1) A quad motor option 2)The rockets.
  10. Updated CyberTruck to be shown in a month or so AFTER WE GET THE 8000 TON CASTING MACHINE RUNNING!

    If Tesla does this and makes the CT look like a trashy Rivan I will cancel my 3 motor order. I do NOT want something that looks like an inferior rival.
  11. Why are we so crazy about the Cybertruck? Post your reason here

    I am 71YO, probably 73YO when my trimtor CT arrives. If I do not get approved for the 2024 Mars Colonization, the CT is my next most exciting option. Looks like a DeLorean with no cocaine risk, smokes Pesky Porsches, can haul or tow darned near anything. LOVE dog mode. Now PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...
  12. Elon: Cybertruck's goal is to kick the most amount of ass possible

    If I wanted 'normal' I would have ordered an F-150. I WANT the 'abnormal' CT look. It is a truck version of a DeLorean without the risk of a cocaine bust. I WANT something which says I think outside the Bubba Box.
  13. Cybertruck wishlist - options or ideas you'd like to see available?

    Rockets. Pass through option for 8ft lumber. 4 motors. More range than 500miles. Longer charging cable.
  14. Anyone polishing their Stainless Steel Cybertruck to a mirror like finish?

    The CT brushed finish is far and away the most beautiful and practical option.
  15. Ok if GM/Ford go under?

    It would please me if GM perished today. The Corvette is the only worthwhile product they produce. Let Ford survive. T F Series pickups are the best available for those without the courage and wisdom to buy a CT.
  16. Advance release C2 Cybertruck: Due to the obvious popularity of the dual motor edition, should Tesla early release ten per month?

    Tesla should make the Trimotor available ASAP for all those who want it. Drop or reduce production of all other models ASAP to enable this. And give me a rocket option.
  17. New CT feature needed.

    Tesla already has a fart sound option. The trimotor needs to enable this is a rear bumper sound for when we blow away Porsches at stop lights.
  18. Should a Shortbed Cybertruck come with a discount price ?

    I would prefer ANY smaller option if it kept the same battery and motor options. I am buying the CT not because of its massive size, but because it is so fast. If 0-60 at 2.9 goes down I will be even more excited.
  19. Ok if GM/Ford go under?

    I would prefer Ford and GM stay so they could continue to demonstrate their inferiority to Tesla.
  20. Stainless Steel or Black Stainless Steel look?

    I want the original. It is a DeLorean without the expensive cocaine. It is BlaedeRunner. I would buy the original brushed stainless even if it was an extra cost option.