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  1. Q2 Earnings: Whats coming

    My reading was that the 4680 wouldn’t even be ready for the y. They will start the y with normal frame and 2170 batteries. After they get the 4680’s ready they will work on the structural battery pack. After that is working smoothly for the y they will start on the cybertruck.
  2. F150 Lightning Prices leaked . CyberTruck pricing seems much more competitive now

    We have had our model S for 4 yrs now. It’s one of the few purchases that just keeps getting better. You pay exactly what the configuration says you will pay when you order it online. It‘s a five thousand pound car that will beat anything on the road but another Tesla. It’s by far the...
  3. NJRE pointing out the obvious, yet so many people IRL are deliberately ignorant!!!

    Tesla sells pretty much everything they can make. Once cybertrucks start getting delivered people will know about them. No advertising necessary. Quality sells itself.
  4. Deleted my FSD option last night

    Fsd goes with the car to the new owner.
  5. F150 Lightning Predictions

    A lot of neat features that have been hoped for on this forum. Now Tesla will have to deliver them also. Competition is great.
  6. Cybertruck Spotted in NYC! [Street Video Added]

    Are those t slots in the bed?
  7. Cybertruck Spotted in NYC! [Street Video Added]

    Slots in the bed or not
  8. Will Dual Motor Cybertruck Have 4680 Cells?

    I think the high energy anode and cathode development will be the holdup for the cybertruck and the plaid + and the roadster. I think they are ok on the 4680 form factor for the lower energy density cells.
  9. How strong will be CT's glass (Transparent Metal)?

    He never said the glass was bullitproof. The stainless steel will take up to a nine mm bullet. That’s the only claim I recall.
  10. Elon Musk Was Just in the Studio and Says Final Cybertruck Design is Looking 👌

    I don’t know how Valuable it would be as a test vehicle unless they can simulate the rear casting. Musk said if we are lucky some might roll out by the end of the year. 4680 production is by no means certain either.
  11. Tesla deployed more EV battery materials than its four closest competitors combined in 2020

    They are also installing massive battery installations around the world for utilities.
  12. Bed Lining

    I built a wood box to throw in the back when I haul sand or gravel. It does not take a large volume of gravel to meet most pickups load limit.
  13. Couple Features For Consideration

    I would think you can always tether the truck to your phone.
  14. How many are getting the solar option

    Our S charges at about 27mph on the 220v outlet I put in the garage. It cost me about $30. I already had the wire and an extra 60 amp breaker in the box. I don’t see needing any more than that.
  15. GigaThread: 2020 Q4 Earnings Call: Cybertruck

    I believe he said it was for the rear third of the undercarriage
  16. What is the likelihood that the first CT deliveries will be the Tri-CT with FSD option enabled?

    On the order page both dual and tri say end of 2021