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  1. CyberCat

    MATTEL 1:10 RC Cybertruck Coming Back + New Cyberquad on May 21!

    12:05 pm it's already sold out. I was putting my credit card info in, hit submit, it came back and say sorry we're sold out. :(
  2. CyberCat

    Kentucky here!

    I work in Newport (across the river from Cincinnati) and live a little farther south.
  3. CyberCat

    Cybertruck 1:10 Hot Wheels R/C Delayed Until May. First Look at Carrying Case

    1:64 scale is delayed too. Same email but with this picture.
  4. CyberCat

    Funny Cybertruck images & videos

    Ever since people started putting out patterns for paper models of the CyberTruck, I've had the idea to blow one up and make it out of cardboard. I built one back in December and its still sitting in the living room floor. Probably will be until the real one is sitting in the driveway.