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  1. Diehard

    eBike in Vault

    It is not a bad advice because it could put me in divorce court. It is bad because there is no conflict. With three seats up front, how do you justify putting your wife in the vault? I want to hear that story.
  2. Diehard

    eBike in Vault

    All sound like fun options. Anything that allows you to keep them in the vault and close it, will help you use it more often. For me larger wheels is attractive because if the flexibility it offers on the types of surfaces I can go on comfortably but larger often means less portable. Sondors...
  3. Diehard

    eBike in Vault

    I am looking at these:
  4. Diehard

    Latest From Musk: Production Cybertruck almost exactly same but better. No door handles. 4 wheel steering. Self opening doors.

    99.9% of the customers could be fine with a design but that 0.01 percent with catastrophic experience due to either system failure at the worse possible time or a rare deadly circumstance no one could have thought of is all it takes to change it back. Don't under estimate the power of lawyers...
  5. Diehard

    eBike in Vault

    I travel with bikes a lot and most of the time they are not in use. In case of EVs, loss of range will be added to lack of security if Vault is open. Of course we most likely be able to flip up the back seat like most trucks and take the front wheel off and stand up two bikes on the floor of...
  6. Diehard

    eBike in Vault

    I did a 3D model a while back based on the dimensions of the original CT. 34.5" is if the floor is flat and 38" if it is sloped (assuming vault cover and floor thickness is zero). Of course this is home made not Tesla produced drafting and I am sure there are some inaccuracies somewhere but I...
  7. Diehard

    Top Gear Testing

    How do you think that Toyota would do under these tests if it had a proprietary MCU and every automated feature a model X has today when it was built? p.s. we need to form a truck rights organization.
  8. Diehard

    eBike in Vault

    If the question is about width (height when laid down) of handlebars, it can be reduced by turning the wheel 30 degrees (45 if the front wheels are removed). I put two mountain bikes (not heavy electric bikes) in a Subaru laid down or stand up with wheels off all the time. I am just hoping for...
  9. Diehard

    eBike in Vault

    Two bikes. Do you think I could charge while the truck is moving and motors using the battery?> I think I may have to consider leaning the bikes as you suggested but since they are heavy (with batteries in) the solution have to be robust to handle bumps without damage.
  10. Diehard

    eBike in Vault

    I think you are correct. I was hoping for a super lazy solution but I think if I take out the front tire and seat post, I could close the vault. kinda like this rotated 180 degrees without front wheel. or something like this rotated 180 with forks locked to the ground:
  11. Diehard

    eBike in Vault

    I am looking at Electric Bikes that are 80 Ib - 90 lb and not fold-able. The idea of just rolling them up in back of CT and closing the vault while they are standing makes CT that much more attractive. I am thinking even a typical rigid fork bike height is around 42". The highest point of...
  12. Diehard

    Tesla all but confirms Cybertruck production delay until 2022

    If the answer is yes, we may need a new thread to keep track. I foresee as many youngsters in the forum get older and have their own children, they will get their kids hooked on CT by telling stories about how fast they made their reservation on the reveal night, about the holly glow of CT in...
  13. Diehard

    The lost history of the electric car – and what it tells us about the future of transport

    I remember for 10 days I commuted only with bicycle and my feet in Ravenna Italy. You experience your surrounding differently at lower speed. Connect with your environment a bit more when you are not isolated by a moving metal box. Granted walking by a heavenly gelato shop or a mom and pop...
  14. Diehard

    Mid-gate Impossible? Best cab sleeping solution for one? - or kookiest idea yet?

    I think a lot of us secretly want a Cyber SUV. As far as sleeping in CT, Tesla has a car camping state of mind. I am sure they will come up with something. Lot of cars have already done it. It does not take much for CT to do it. Chevy trailblazer:
  15. Diehard

    How can it be so affordable?

    ‘I think if they lock the price for original reservation holders, they will give you the same price. CT3 likely has the largest margin. It is good for them if you upgrade. If you know that is what you want, the prices are still the same on their website.
  16. Diehard

    Cybertruck bodies?

    If you are dehydrated in information desert ready to give up, a mirage is almost as good as the real thing. It helps you keep going a little longer.
  17. Diehard

    Cybertruck bodies?

    This dude mentioned something about the hood I didn’t notice before:
  18. Diehard

    Low tech wins

    As far as tech goes I have a hard time going that low. I can’t stop thinking about that piece of metal in her mouth constantly having to try to figure out what to do with her tongue. The emission is the only way she can express her feelings about it. But I love to have an electric Waverly.
  19. Diehard

    Why I'm Getting The F150 Lightning

    CT wins it overall for me for many reasons stated but there are a few things lightening has going for itself. Many consider ford recycling a lot of existing parts and design a bad thing and it certainly has it’s cost (bad aerodynamics) but it has it’s pros like a full size spare and I think...