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  1. Cybertruck Frunk

    But let's tell Diehard it's a spare.
  2. Elon Musk: Superchargers open to all other EVs later this year.

    1.) Tesla wants to see massive adaptation of EV. It is part of their mission statement. 2.) Tesla is also an energy company. They will be making money some way or another. Moving peak daily/seasonal demand for renewable energy is going to be a big deal. With Tesla's growing stationary...
  3. Snow Plow

    The strength is there without 2 beefy frame mounts, it would just have to be spread out. The bluetooth was just to raise and lower the blade. I suppose you could run a cable. Electric over hydraulic or just electric if fast enough. The hood probably doesn't have much strength except...
  4. Rear Wheel Steering

    Good point. Maybe Tesla is planning to provide/support integration of trailer batteries.
  5. Glass Topper is a SHOW STOPPER !

    Thanks for the insight. I assumed you would have to tell the car/app your return time in order to calculation the most efficient energy expenditure during your absence.
  6. Glass Topper is a SHOW STOPPER !

    Thanks Do you know if the computer minimizes the energy consumption to cool or heat your car? For example if you are only going to be gone for 10 minutes it might maintain close to set point and go to set point just before you arrive. Or if you are going to be gone for 2 hours it might...
  7. Glass Topper is a SHOW STOPPER !

    I am concerned about solar gain. I am not sure what would be worse, stainless steel with .5" of insulation or insulated/tinted glass. I am so excited to be able to sit in my car in comfort in the summer with the AC on without my engine idling and to auto cool my car 2-3 minutes before I get...
  8. Rear Wheel Steering

    It sounds like Dodge is on the right track with their super duty line up of plug in hybrids. If people insist pulling 16000 lbs. as a must have and then use that same truck as a grocery getter/commuter half the time, then at least the first ~60 miles per day can be BEV. This would help...
  9. I wish Musk would consider this concept

    I would definitely like an info only screen directly in front of the driver. Maybe configurable like a smart watch face? My question with all this is, with the processing requirements and criticality of of FSD would there be a reason to segregate the CPU so it does not get hung up on...
  10. Dual motor Cybertruck 400+ miles?

    Thin highway tires and drive 65 mph on the flats might get you 360 miles.
  11. Fold down entrance to the bed from the cabin

    Give me a sliding window above the retracted cover. I just need to be able to poke a few long items though to the cab on occasion. If I stay skinny enough I could get through with a little work. It doesn't have to lay flat
  12. Rear Wheel Steering

    Might this improve tire life?
  13. Rear Wheel Steering

    4 wheel steering is a Ford killer. Btw. My wife just asked what I was doing. I said blogging about CT. She said is it still ugly? I had to laugh. After all this infatuation she still might be surprised when it shows up in the driveway. :)
  14. Rear Wheel Steering

    That was a suprise. This will make backing the boat down the ramp a breeze. Please don't raise the price. Our $100,000,000 worth of reservations probably was enough shell out half the factory. I was just getting used to shelling out $58,000 which is 2x more than I have ever spent on a...
  15. ROCC for Cybertruck

    Thanks for your encouragement. I am waiting for an official response from the patent office and then I will be more aggressive about looking for partners.
  16. Camp Kitchen (Option?)

    I am thinking the base model will be just under $10,000 and with all options it will be $15,000. I am really aiming for quality. I want this to last as long as the truck.
  17. Camp Kitchen (Option?)

    1.) The base hard shell camper plus vestibule tent package is estimated at 575 lbs. of that 414 lbs is the main body which needs to roll over the cab. I may be very conservative here. For instance I have 70 lbs plugged in for a single 600 watt solar panel which I could probably replace that...
  18. Camp Kitchen (Option?)

    That is pretty cool. Great for a getting out of the bugs and a little shade. Not much else.
  19. Camp Kitchen (Option?)

    I put out roll over cab concept (ROCC) for review by the club. It solves much of the problems you mention. I didn't get much feedback. It is large and light and doesn't affect the aero dynamics of the truck too much. It is patent pending and I am looking for partners to develop...