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  1. Mid-Gate possible?

    Thanks, all good points. I was overlooking the Z bend when I was thinking about this.
  2. Mid-Gate possible?

    The revealed CT had lights in the vault. There is a window between the cab and the vault so you could see outside by looking through that window and then though the windshield. If there is no climate controlled air pumped into the vault it’s still as hot/cold as sleeping in a tent. But I’m...
  3. Mid-Gate possible?

    I thought Elon said either there would be or they are looking into having the AC/heat piped into the vault some how. (My guess is a slide opening rear window). Can I just put an inflatable mattress in the vault and sleep in the vault? Am I missing something?
  4. What does "Beta Phase" mean?

    I‘ve always understood Alpha testing to be tests performed on software, firmware or physical product that is done by the creator/developer. Think “in house” testing. Beta testing is when the product is tested by a user, consumer or possibly third party. For example FSD on city streets was...
  5. Anyone have an EV as their ONLY vehicle?

    Thank you everyone. Your insights were very helpful. My fears and doubts of having an EV as my only vehicle were not enough to keep me from getting the CT before starting this thread but now those doubts are completely gone. Absolutely no fear, anxiety or second guessing. Special thanks to...
  6. Anyone have an EV as their ONLY vehicle?

    Thanks all. Great feedback. I have one scenario that gives me a little worry. I apologize ahead of time if anyone feels they've heard this story before, I have told it in a different thread. My parents driveway is 290 miles from my driveway. I make the trip multiple times a year. Depending...
  7. Anyone have an EV as their ONLY vehicle?

    I am currently single and live by myself. I have one vehicle. I know there have been other similar threads like this asking if the CT will be their "main" vehicle, but I'm wondering if any of you have experience of having an EV as your only vehicle. I've considered keeping my Grand Cherokee...
  8. Tesla is sticking with yoke steering wheel; Elon Musk says progressive steering is still years away

    I'm guessing when Level 5 becomes a thing it could do the opposite. Have the wheel/yoke retract into the dash on activation.
  9. Cybertruck wishlist - options or ideas you'd like to see available?

    Even if there isn't a midgate to fold down. With a 6.5ft bed I should still be able to put a queen sized air mattress in the back, right?
  10. How to find my reservation?

    If you want to search your emails my reservation email came from: [email protected] The subject was: Thank you for your order
  11. Elon hints at Wireless camera for Trailer towing

    <comicSans> Link in my drone camera for a true bird's drone's eye view? <comicSans>
  12. Glass Topper is a SHOW STOPPER !

    I don't know about the CT but my Jeep Grand Cherokee has QuadraLift which is a variable air suspension system. There are 5 heights. Four are selectable. Entry/Exit (Low) * Areo Normal OffRoad 1 (high) OffRoad 2 (Very High) With the vehicle stopped I can manually change between the 4...
  13. Glass Topper is a SHOW STOPPER !

    Imagine after FSD happens. Recline seat and stare at the stars/redwoods/skyscrapers on a long drive as you fall asleep.
  14. These Off-Grid, Luxury Travel Trailers Pack Enough Oomph to Power a Tesla Cybertruck

    I see your crystal ball is finally out of the shop.
  15. I wish Musk would consider this concept

    According to a MotorTrend article dated 17JUN2021
  16. Dodge Ram will be better than Ford F-150 Lightning

    There is another point to argue in this discussion. The bigger battery will charge faster than the smaller battery for the same amount of energy. For example the amount of time needed to put 300 miles into a 300 mile battery will take longer than putting 300 miles into a 400 mile battery.
  17. Glass Topper is a SHOW STOPPER !

    Unable to find the thumbs down button. My vehicle has a sunroof and I keep the shade open always. When a friend of mine comes to town I often loan him my car. He's like you and closes the shade. When I get into the car after he had driven it I feel like I'm driving in a cave or parking...
  18. What will it typically cost to recharge a dual motor at a Tesla charging station?

    Crissa, thanks for taking the time to make the tables. Very helpful. I've been wondering something. I've seen many comparisons like this of gas vs. electric costs but not sure I've seen one where they've taken the taxes out of the cost of the gas. I believe most (if not all) states have a...
  19. FSD Beta V9 or any FSD Beta & children in car

    So have I. Guessing Cessna 172? Where I trained it was not forbidden but it rarely happened. I'm assuming it was up to the instructors discretion. Guessing cross country flights were ok, but stall training probably not so much. I remember a brother and sister that would take turns...
  20. FSD Beta V9 or any FSD Beta & children in car

    I think of FSD (Beta) like a 15 year old with a learners permit. It’s allowed to drive, but only with a licensed adult present. To the OP, Let’s consider a single mom with a 15 year old and a 5 year old. The 15 year old has her learners permit and needs time behind the wheel. Mom is very...