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  1. Replacement tire price will be a shock

    LOUD. It’ll be amplified by the usual Tesla quietness. I would expect extra attention to sound dampening in the wheel wells and possibly even active noise cancellation via the sound system inside the car. Tesla may make some demands of Goodyear to assist with noise, like how the stock...
  2. Cybertruck Frunk

    I do find it fun the non EV folk’s brains exploding over F150’s frunk. It is nice though, just not a world beating brand new thing as they YouTube lightning reviews make it seem.
  3. Elon Musk: Superchargers open to all other EVs later this year.

    Smart. Back when they had the only game in town, make all the money you can. Now that everyone is on board, why not make money from all the other EV’s seeking a better/more consistent fast charger? It’s like if Ford made gas stations, would they make more money serving Ford customers only or the...
  4. Rear hinged back doors?

    This is common on “quad cab” or “access cab” configurations of trucks. The body on frame architecture and smaller opening allows for a deletion of the B pillar. I highly doubt cybertruck will get this because They’ve only shown CT crew cab configuration, you never see rear hinged crew cabs, my...
  5. Tesla should contact customers in RESERVATION # ORDER, regardless of motor choice... right?

    Manufacturing is mostly done in runs, likely some of the Tri-Motors will Come first as press cars and flagships, after that they will alternate in manufacturing runs based on parts availability and assembly schedules. We’ll likely see a random smattering of reservations fulfilled, much more...
  6. Dodge Ram will be better than Ford F-150 Lightning

    Also why is it better than Lightning? The Ford might actually ship this year, and the brief press interactions have already revealed some positive surprises like an effective range over 425 miles for example. Turns out Lightning’s 300 mile epa rating was achieved with 1000 lbs of payload in the...
  7. Dodge Ram will be better than Ford F-150 Lightning

    This does seem like a desperate “oh sh*t!!” Moment for Chrysler. Like they just now realized when F150 hit 100k reservations that “this electric car thing might actually be something!!”. Feels a bit rushed with no meat ie: not a single working prototype on display.
  8. Dodge Ram will be better than Ford F-150 Lightning

    The brand mottos look like straight parody. “Tear up the streets, not the planet” 🙄🙄🙄
  9. That R1T "Forest Edge" interior is calling

    Go get your Green on Green Rivian and get out of the Tesla Line PLEASE lol
  10. Battery Replacement

    To be fair I don’t think very many vehicles are “million mile” built at all. I think a lot of people are expecting an un-realistic amount of long term reliability compared to their expectations of ICE alternatives. For example, when’s the last time you saw a thread regarding full power train...
  11. Mustang Mach-E Real World Range (Big problem)

    Update! These are from my area, middle tennessee, it’s not winter, still massively unimpressive range. One car is at 99% charged, only 14 miles on the OD, and it’s the 300 mile “long range” RWD version and it shows 204 range. They are all the large pack premium trim ones. Me thinks F150...
  12. Ford Will Crush Tesla With Electric F-150, Jim Cramer Says

    Yes I’m hoping for F150 deliveries by the end of the year as to draw down the number of CT holders ahead of me 😁
  13. Cybertruck Plaid

    Yeah I’m open to be corrected, but I’m pretty dang sure the 2.9 to 60 is the fastest production truck ever and would be the fastest 4x4 ever if it weren’t for the Model X. The 2.9 makes it quicker than the 400k Lambo suv and the Bentley thing.
  14. Elon Musk and taxes

    The article this comes from is just Communist propaganda. Stop envying others and go get yours. The only thing stopping you is your own mindset.
  15. They plan to take-over Tesla

    They hold signs saying “stop market manipulation”, so they support free markets? Signs also say “censor Elon Musk”, so they don’t support free markets? Just seems like some pasty butt hurt wannabe crypto investors who lost money gambling on fictitious currency with no tangible value. They remind...
  16. Cybertruck Trademark Filed in China

    Have you seen this one?
  17. What would prevent your purchase?

    A guy can dream, although they are way smaller than the look on youtube. Check out the B2, 207" long, thats shorter than a Ford Ranger Supercrew with a 5 ft bed. Still though, I love the brutal Defender aesthetic.
  18. Cybertruck Trademark Filed in China

    China... Trademark... Didn't know such a thing translated to Mandarin ;)
  19. Tesla Canceling Model S Plaid +

    I'd also like to see "long range" or "Large Pack" options on the dual motor like Rivian is doing.