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  1. Self park into/out of garage?

    It’s coming soon! If my vacuum can find it’s “parking spot” every day, perfectly, Tesla can absolutely add it easily. Gotta wait for it though, under promise, over deliver.
  2. Monthly Cybertruck Insurance Cost? Can consumer afford $500-$1000 financing and another $400-$500 insurance cost?

    I hope everyone can read your comments and extrapolate to ALL news. Everyone has an angle/agenda and big $$$ are usually attached. But we are Tesla fans and much smarter than the average bear, LOL. Well, sometimes anyway. Peace to you all and happy (non) driving!
  3. MPGe help & predictions

    What will ICE fuel cost be in 2022/2023/2024? I would think prices would continue to rise. Significantly under this administration. Thoughts anyone?