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  1. Mike Hickey


    CT depreciation until 2026: $0.00. @250K/year production, it will take 4 years to satisfy over 1 million reservation holders. Thus 'Johnny Come Lately'' will either buy used OR wait until 2026. He'll pay to play.
  2. Mike Hickey

    F150 Lightning vs. Cyber Truck

    The Lightning will be compelling for the Traditional Pick-up truck buyer. Those buyers focused on Specs will choose Cyber Truck. Here's my video on the subject.
  3. Mike Hickey

    Solar power panels on hood and roof

    In addition to solar collecting tonneau cover will CT offer the same on roof and hood? For sure it would eliminate battery drain from phatum loads and would generate enough range to run to the nearby grocery store or destination charger. Sion is doing just that. Why not Tesla? See pic of Sion...
  4. Mike Hickey

    Will Cybertruck be gooseneck hitch ready?

    Will CT be prepped for Gooseneck hitch? Some ICE PU's are. EZ to do it OEM. See: Curt gooseneck