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  1. Sirfun

    GIGA TEXAS size is 😱🤯

    I'm a retired construction worker and do graphics as a hobby. It amazes me how quickly Giga Texas is being built. I've had 35 years of being on job sites all over California, and nothing comes close to the scale and speed of this project. Lots of people on this Forum act like they are dragging...
  2. Sirfun

    Latest in Apocalypse technology

    Jay Leno takes a drive in the Apocalypse 6x6
  3. Sirfun

    Fun series of videos on the Solar Challenge in the Outback

    Very entertaining video series about the 2000-mile race of solar-powered vehicles in the Australian Outback.
  4. Sirfun

    Did you notice the Cybertruck has built in steps?

    All the time I hear people say the Cybertruck with the slanted sails will make it imposible to reach into the bed from the side of the truck. I just noticed the black areas around the Cybertruck have built in Step points so you can access all around it and into the bed. Even to get to the...
  5. Sirfun

    Tesla Please Do This

    Tesla doesn't do advertising and I agree with that. But, I really think they need to add videos like this, to their YouTube channel. KEEP THE STOKE!!!!!!!! I want a Cybertruck and I'm not interested in a Rivian. But Damn this video was SWEET!
  6. Sirfun

    Elon says battery cell production is a constraint. (what about other companies)

    At the 4th quarter earnings meeting a couple days ago, Elon made a statement about Battery constraint holding Tesla back from making the Semi. “The main reason we’ve not accelerated new products is — like for example Tesla Semi — is that we simply don’t have enough cells for it. If we were to...
  7. Sirfun

    Before you consider other EV's, consider this!

    After seeing the news that Ford was talking trash on Tesla today I did a little research. Ford brags about having FordPass charging network, so I thought Id do a comparison of Mach-E vs. Model Y on . So I set up a trip from Oxnard(my hometown) to Denver. These are just...
  8. Sirfun

    Ford Hybrid F150 used as a generator

    TFL posted this video bragging about how the new Ford F150 Hybrid can be used as a generator. I'm curious how this would compare to using an actual generator. Basically this $70,000 truck is just sitting there burning fuel at a 1500rpm idle for hours on end. In addition you get exhaust, carbon...
  9. Sirfun

    Tesla is like In-N-Out

    I'm sure lots of people on this site have never heard of In-N-Out. If you haven't, I provided photos. In-N-Out is a fast food chain in California and the Southwest of the USA. They have a massive following, it's extremely rare to get there without lines of people waiting to get food. Tesla is a...
  10. Sirfun

    Tesla speedometer calibration

    Since Tesla's are almost a laptop on 4 wheels, I'm wondering if there could be a mode/setting that re-calibrates Speedometer and Odometer? With all the different wheel and tire combinations available, it seems like this would be something Tesla should do. I would think it would be easy. The...
  11. Sirfun

    Beautiful image of Tesla's future

    Apparently Tesla parked their future vehicles for display at the shareholders meeting at Fremont. I don't know who took this photo but wow the future looks Great!
  12. Sirfun

    Osborne Effect

    Here's a link to explain it. Other people have expressed how Tesla needed to avoid the Osborne Effect. After battery day yesterday and all the conversations since, it seems this should be part of the conversations. It does seem like They brought up...
  13. Sirfun

    Will Lucid come out with better battery and motor tech than Tesla?

    Watching the Lucid unveiling in 10 mins. video filled my mind with questions. For sure the price tag is way beyond a Tesla, but their specs. make me wonder. Has someone caught and passed Tesla with technology right out of the starting gate? Of course the comparison is to Tesla's current tech...
  14. Sirfun

    Cybertruck with a twist of Ford

    Ford just bumped up on the news with these concept drawings. It looks like they may have a slight crush on the Cybertruck. So, would you like your Cybertruck with twist of Ford Juice?
  15. Sirfun

    Cybertruck would be great for Drive-In Concerts

    Friday evening in Ventura California we took my wife's Seinna to the Sublime drive-in concert. The whole time I was thinking the Cybertruck would be AWESOME!!!! Here's a video with Sublime performing "What I Got".
  16. Sirfun

    Ford helping convert the masses

    Ford promoting their EV with a video of a ridiculously overpowered Racecar. Check out the comments. Ford may be creating interest in EV's.
  17. Sirfun

    Top Secret Video from Cybertruck Guy

    Todd the Cybertruck Guy released a video 5 days ago that never made the rounds here on our forum. It's all about the information on the batteries from Rueters News service. Good enlightening information. Here's a link:
  18. Sirfun

    6 month anniversary

    November 21, 2019, a day that will be forever remembered as the unveiling of the Cybertruck! Here we are 6 months later. Observations?