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  1. Day One

    Perhaps they could produce a smaller Cybertruck, given how well the truck is accepted

    I think it would be interesting to spec a mini truck now, seeing the various reactions to what is almost a monster truck./ I am thinking: 4 seats, 4 ft bed, big wheels, slab-sided SS with no paint, but in lighter gauge. Sits on MY skate, 2 stack battery packs...
  2. Day One

    Let us make a CYBRTRK, from plywood, cardboard, duct tape and an old Citroen

    I guess Youtube will be full of these soon.... My dear W pranged the Citroen yesterday. It has adjustable air suspension (version 3) from 2003. So tempting, to wrap it in cardboard and duct tape to emulate a MC. Anyone else have te urge?
  3. Day One

    The TSLA stock: a SpaceX launch after Cybertruck reveal?

    This launch Nov 21 is not your normal new model car launch. This is from virtually SpaceX territory, SpaceX design...potentially with SpaceX results. Be prepared for a massive liftoff or a massive explosion of the stock. For the record, currently looking at USD 350. I am expecting this to go...