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  1. mlhartley

    Tesla Cybertruck Father's Day

    It was a Tesla Cybertruck Father's Day at my house.
  2. mlhartley

    Concerned about safety when driving your Cybertruck?

    After seeing many videos showing a lot of animosity toward Tesla vehicles, I am a bit concerned about my safety and the safety of my Cybertruck. Tesla sedans/SUVs are not as easily recognizable as the Cybertruck, yet they draw a degree of negative attention. Anyone else share my concerns? I...
  3. mlhartley

    Tour of Gigafactory Shanghai

    Definitely worth watching.
  4. mlhartley

    Ford and Google

    Isn't that what everyone wants in their F-150 ... Google Android. Ford, Google join hands to offer cloud-based data services (
  5. mlhartley

    Two Charging Ports Per Vehicle

    I read that the Tesla Semi will have the equivalent of five battery packs that can be charged simultaneously by connecting to five power sources. What is the possibility of having two charging ports per vehicle,, one on either side and two onboard chargers? Under normal charging the entire...
  6. mlhartley

    I want to see this survey a year from now.

    Tesla Cybertruck Loses Out To Ford F-150 In Cox Survey Of US Pickup Buyers ( I can't wait to take my nephew for a ride in my Cybertruck. He is a Ford 150 fanatic through-and-through. He didn't want his dad to put a company sign on his GMC.
  7. mlhartley

    ICE Journalists Won't Give Up

    "The Ford Mustang Mach-E was named SUV of the year in the latest signal the new crossover will give Tesla a run for its money" Not only is the Mach-E more expensive than a Model Y it is less efficient. TCO is much higher. See video by Lars Strandridder here. " The NACTOY Awards are judged by...
  8. mlhartley

    How are you planning to pay ... cash, lease, loan?

    I want to pay cash, but I don't want to withdraw money out of my retirement savings. Would I be violating site rules to post a link to my Etsy account? I've created some Tesla coasters, maple on walnut inlay (Cybertruck version in the design stage). I would need to sell 3,000 sets to raise...