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  1. thejohnllama

    Do You Currently Drive an EV?

    Curious how many of us are current EV drivers and who is dreaming :-)
  2. thejohnllama

    Should Tesla Do Paid Advertising?

    How does everyone feel about Tesla’s shareholder vote to begin investing in paid advertising? I read the proposal was $50 per car sold. I bet Tesla’s profit per car is $5k or higher, so it’s a modest 1% of margin and ~1/1,000 of total sale value. I’m all for it. Americans need to become better...
  3. thejohnllama

    Cybertruck Interior: Tough or Fancy?

    Who’s going to use and abuse their Cybertruck with wet dogs and muddy boots — and who’s going caviar tasting in Cybertruck on their way to the opera?
  4. thejohnllama

    Eight Foot Bed on Cybertruck

    Having a full-length, eight foot bed on Cybertruck would be awesome. I often use a 6.5’ bed (Silverado) and always wish I had 8’ instead. Our garage is 24’ deep, so extra length would be okay 👌
  5. thejohnllama

    Sliding Doors on Cybertruck

    Typical car doors are awkward to open and close in tight garages and parking lots. So! How about a sliding panel door on each side of Cybertruck? It would eliminate the swinging door issue and maximize ease of access to cabin. For front door opening, the panel would slide back partially, for...