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  1. CappyJax

    Tesla RV

    Anyone else in love with the idea of an electric RV based on the semi? With a 1MW battery pack, it should get over 700 miles. If the aerodynamics to the rear were improved, it could get as high as 1,000 miles. Expanding solar panels could yield 10kw which if you stored 8kw, you could recharge...
  2. CappyJax

    Braga/Goodenough glass battery

    Has anyone been following this battery technology? I find it fascinating that its capacity increases significantly from charging and discharging. It starts at 300Wh/kg and goes up to over 1,800Wh/kg. The data starts to disperse at that point, but it would be amazing to see a chart like this...
  3. CappyJax

    Tesla Range Question

    I see many companies using different speeds for range estimates. Those of you who own Teslas, what is the speed that gives you the advertised range? Does the vehicle change the expected distance remaining based on your speed? For example, if you are doing 70MPH, and you slow to 55MPH, does...
  4. CappyJax

    Nikola is going to crush Tesla with its new technology!

    We are going to make hydrogen cheaper by having all of our 700 vaporware hydrogen facilities standardized. And we have a battery with double the energy density of what Tesla uses. But you can't see the technology demonstrated. Nor can any independent labs verify the claims. And we won't...