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  1. Shumby

    What percentage of pre-orders will actually buy?

    So we are all looking at our place in line with our RN numbers. But really what % of people are going to actually buy it to you think?
  2. Shumby

    Adaptor for Petro canada charging stations

    Totally new to EVs here. Are there adaptors so that i could charge the CT on the petro canada network of charging stations?
  3. Shumby

    Eco Warriors

    I just want to say this is my first EV. I always loved the MS and I am a speed junky. I own a Nissan GTR and a turbo'd 370Z. Track them often. What i hated most about EVs is all the news stories about how they will save the world and the SJWs thay tell me my gas car is evil. For me I like...