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  1. TyPope

    VIN Check

    While waiting on my wife's Model Y, searching your order page's source code for "5YJY" is the thing to do. You (apparently) can actually have a VIN assigned before the Tesla rep calls to set up delivery. I suppose it's just a way to get pre-excited for your delivery. Anyway, there's a bit of...
  2. TyPope

    Your favorite CURRENTLY owned accessories

    Hey, everybody, I was just checking out the site and there are some neat, apparently well made, accessories for current models. I know there aren't any already made for the Cybertruck and also that there is a long wait till it gets here but I'm curious what accessories for your...
  3. TyPope

    Cybertruck will come before Roadster - says Elon on Joe Rogan's Podcast

    Updated with podcast. (skip to last couple of minutes for Tesla and Cybertruck related talk): I haven't seen this little news nugget on here yet so I wanted to share with the rest of the Forum. It seems Elon Musk will be going for round 2 on Joe Rogan's Podcast. For anyone who doesn't know...
  4. TyPope

    What's going on with Elon Musk?

    What's going on with Elon?
  5. TyPope

    Full Self Driving (FSD) gets closer to reality as Teslas can now autostop at traffic lights and stop signs.

    Hey, just saw this and wanted to share: Okay. I was thinking this would also automatically go through green lights. It doesn't... yet. But, with this release pushed out to the community, it won't take long for Tesla to gather enough data to make the move to seeing green!
  6. TyPope

    vs Triton H Electric SUV With 700-Mile Range?

    Real competition or not? Triton Reveals 8-Seat Model H Electric SUV With 700-Mile Range Battery twice as dense and half the weight? And we haven't heard about it? Unlikely.
  7. TyPope

    LEGISLATION that benefits Tesla

    I usually hear about legislation that affects vehicles I'm interested in. I missed this from Colorado.
  8. TyPope

    Things I've seen (that Tesla probably hasn't approved...)

    Here's a depository for links to things that probably aren't approved but still made you go "Hmm..."
  9. TyPope


    Where are the Nebraska Cybertruck reservationists? I'm in Papillion.