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  1. Dan Truax

    Wrenching, Metric or SAE?

    Teslas' need minimal mechanic time, but as I was replacing a destroyed bearing in a pulley tensioner in my 170K plus 2006 Toyota Tacoma I was wondering what Tesla uses, I assume metric. I mean eventually I'll have to replace brakes and ball joints, I am going to be using metric or SAE?
  2. Dan Truax

    No working "REAL" prototype yet...

    Don't get me wrong I didn't make a reservation for the Bollinger due to the price I didn't make a reservation for the Rivian because the steel body will rust out in NYS due to road salt I would never get a model 3 for the same reason. (Though about buying a used Model S for an everyday driver)...
  3. Dan Truax

    Cybertruck bed width...?

    I keep finding that the bed width is 6.5 feet. What is the BED WIDTH? Anyone know?