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  1. Aces-Truck

    Check Out Tesla Cybertruck's Unique Solar Charging Tonneau Cover

    So with solar panels on the tonneau, if you don't drive it a lot, and it's in a Garage, not much help...
  2. Aces-Truck

    New Battery Range & Pack Architecture [Announced at Battery Day]

    Nope. When I drive from Seattle to Arizona, I plan out where I will gas up. I research enough to find an ARCO or Costco gas. It's not that difficult to do. And I'm only using Google Maps...
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    New Battery Range & Pack Architecture [Announced at Battery Day]

    As far as the CT having ridiculously larger range then the Roll-out stated, I don't think so. Remember Elon's stated goal is to get everyone into electric cars. So battery production is a big part of that. If your Tesla, you'll use less cells and get to something that is comfortably bigger range...
  4. Aces-Truck

    Tesla Battery Day Announced For September 15 (Predictions anyone?)

    Okay, Tuesday we will find out. So where/when should I check out to get the news live? Will Tesla live-stream the event? Do we need to be watching the Board meeting for info as well?
  5. Aces-Truck

    Tesla Range Question

    I *think* the OP was trying to understand if a dual motor version (300 mile range) would have enough range for some driving scenarios he's likely to see. A relative bought an early Leaf, which claimed 85 mile range. He wanted to be able to drive to his sisters house, which was right about that...
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    Generator Charging

    My thought on the disclaimer from Tesla is twofold: 1) As has been mentioned, it limits their liability. 2) the last thing Elon Musk wants is folks with Range Anxiety to put a generator on a trailer, and turn their EV into a fossil fuel burning car.
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    Tesla Battery Day Announced For September 15 (Predictions anyone?)

    Interesting article here about the timing of Battery Day (September 15th, 2020): "" What do others think about the article's thoughts on the delay being a way to deal...
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    Do You Currently Drive an EV?

    CT will be my first EV. My wife & I both drive Prius's. I always felt that A Tesla would be too expensive. That I'd end up with a Leaf or Bolt EV. But know this: I didn't buy my Prius, nor did I order the CT, to save the environment. I'm a very conservative guy. And I think that the way to...
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    Bi-Directional Charging

    If you re-check out the link, they've updated it with a video that shows the charging hardware has Diodes in a key place, that would need to be Transistors, in order to do Bidirectional charging. So not something that could be turned on, in a software update in the model 3.
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    Home Charging System / Charger Kit

    @TyPope, You may need to work with an Electrician. But the first thing I noticed is that you have a LOT of 15A breakers. So either your lights are wired separately for every nook and cranny in your house, or the wiring is quite old, if those are for outlets. There is physically room to add a...
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    Home Charging System / Charger Kit

    I'm not sure I agree with the 800 pole Amps. IMO, it should be closer to 400. To use 800, you'd have to make sure both side (H1 & H2 are balanced, AND your actual use is only at most 50% of the circuit breakers combined capacity). Does the Code allow for this? Maybe it does. I don't know. I just...
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    Win a Free Tesla Trucker Hat Giveaway! [Contest Inside]

    So were winners drawn on this contest?
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    Home Charging System / Charger Kit

    A.J. has it basically right. For some additional clarity: When you put 120V Breakers in, first CB use H1 (to bridge to neutral), the 2nd uses H2, 3rd uses H1, etc. But if you want 240V, Your CB uses two adjoining spots, to bridge between H1 & H2. So if all you ever needed was 120V, you could...
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    Latest Info on Tesla's Million-Mile Battery Which May Power the Cybertruck

    Good news on the horizon. I find it interesting how they have to look at batteries from so many angles: - Raw materials and scarcity impacts on price. - Battery costs, at production quantities. - The effect of shape of cells in how you bundle small cells into Banks of cells. - Internal...
  15. Aces-Truck

    When Do You Think the Fremont plant will restart? Is Elon Musk investigating other options?

    The way I see it, reopening the Plant is an important step in us all getting our CT's. It doesn't mater the why, as long as it doesn't get shut back down.
  16. Aces-Truck

    Elon Musk is ready to pull out of California, over CA not allowing the plant to be reopened.

    Updated May 11, 2020 at 2:30 PM PT Elon Musk has just tweeted that production is restarting today at the Fremont plant, against Alameda County rules. Original Post I just saw this today...
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    Win a Free Tesla Trucker Hat Giveaway! [Contest Inside]

    It will replace my 2007 Prius. We'll still have my wife's 2010 Prius. (I don't do FB nor Twitter)
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    Should Reservation Price Increase?

    I'm wondering when I should tell my wife what the $100 was for.....
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    Cybertruck Keychain

    Thanks! I just ordered one. For anyone else, it was kind of hard to find it on their website. Here's a direct link: "" Domestic Shipping was only $3. Very cool!
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    Home Charging System / Charger Kit

    I've read a bunch about all this on the Tesla forum. AJ has it right, from what I've read. There are two more considerations: 1) some posters are concerned about the plug (14-50, or really any plug) being a potential resistance point, building up heat at some future time. So they are strongly...