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  1. Washing/cleaning

    Recently I have been having great success with my stainless steel appliances including my SS BBQ using "Fantastic" as the cleaner and one of those body wash cloths that are plastic to be used as an skin exfoliator. This is the one I currently use...
  2. Washable floor?

    Weathertech or Husky will come out with perfect fit rubber mats I am sure. That's what I will go for. Easy to flip out on the lawn and hose down.
  3. Washing/cleaning

    And you will make your wife happy.
  4. Washing/cleaning

    What is everyone thinking of how to clean your non-wrapped Cybertruck? I was thinking something like Vim, with the lemon smell.
  5. Stainless Steel Repair

    I think it will be very expensive to repair the exoskeleton body and panels. It will be hard for body shops to straighten the metal and hide repairs since there is no paint. We may have to live with the equivalent of a stretch mark on skin if a body panel needs to have a section welded in.