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  1. Ogre

    Rivian Starts shipping to Customer

    Singular apparently. But more than can be said for a certain EV company. :cry: Nice to see.
  2. Ogre

    Air Suspension Tilt o' Whirl

    Poking through the shortened version of the launch day, I saw something I didn't notice before. They lower the rear air suspension while its on stage to put it in loading mode. You can see it start going down when Elon first mentions the Quad. I did a couple screen caps right before and after...
  3. Ogre

    Ford doubles Lightning production target for 2021 to... 15,000?

    Exclusive-Ford doubles Lightning production target on strong pre-launch demand -sources August 23, 2021 DETROIT (Reuters) - Ford Motor Co has doubled its production target for the F-150 Lightning because of strong early demand for the full-sized electric pickup truck ahead of its 2022 launch...
  4. Ogre

    I'll take my Giga Factory with an extra helping of IDRA

    More IDRA (GigaPress) packages landing at Giga Texas. It's about the size of a large pickup truck. Too small to be a press. Probably just a replacement hydraulic hose or something. But you never know. Maybe the first...
  5. Ogre

    Real Life Cybertruck Photos Compilation (No renders please)

    Just trying to chase down as many *photos* of the Cybertruck as possible. I'll start out with a few of my favs. This is one of my favorite shots. Shows off the shiny and also includes the roadster for scale. By Steve Jurvetson, CC BY 2.0...
  6. Ogre

    Tesla (TSLA) Catalysts for 2021/ 2022

    Ok, it's been a long time since I've done any writing on investing, it used to be a hobby of mine and I wrote a few articles for Seeking Alpha for a bit. This is kind of a fun time to follow Tesla. So far this year the stock has been in a bit of doldrums. The market as a whole is weird and I...
  7. Ogre

    Senate just passed EV Credit with 40k cap Title pretty much says it all “ As part of the new federal budget, the US Senate approved an amendment introduced by Senator Deb Fischer (R-NE) to introduce a limit on the price of electric cars eligible to...
  8. Ogre

    Now GM is teasing Silverado ETruck with 4 Wheel Steering

    They've separately announced it will have up to a 400 mile range which is interesting for certain. No important details like price or launch date... or action vehicle to demo.
  9. Ogre

    How long before ICE is out? (New ICE truck sales drop)

    Picture this. You are the CEO of Ford, GM, or Ram. Your bread and butter is trucks. Over the past 2-3 years, Tesla has pretty much demolished the luxury/ premium sedan market in the US and is pretty a pretty nasty hit in the same market in Europe. Now Tesla is entering the truck market. Tesla...
  10. Ogre

    Top Gear Testing

    I’d love to see the Cybertruck put through it’s paces by the guys at Top Gear or someone similar. Here is the baseline for what it takes to be the world’s toughest truck.
  11. Ogre

    More Details on Supercharger sharing with non-Tesla cars (from Q2 2021 earnings call)

    During the Q2 2021 earnings call, Musk (and someone who's name I didn't catch) spelled out some more details on sharing the supercharger network. Going from memory here so please correct me if I miss a point, I'll try to update this top post if needed. The #1 big thing which made me happy is...
  12. Ogre

    What kind of optional features will the Cybertruck have.

    One of the things I genuinely likes about buying the Model Y is how straight forward the process was. There were something like 5 options when you bought the car. SR/ AWD Long Range/ Performance Color Wheels Tow Hitch Full Self Drive With the Cybertruck we have 3 “trims”, but it seems like the...
  13. Ogre

    Obsolescence, upgrades, and product support

    Found a really fascinating article on how the phase out of AT&Ts 3G network is impacting some older Tesla Model S owners. Apparently, the MCU in the older Model Ss don't support LTE. When AT&T shuts down their 3G network in February of 2022, those older Model Ss lose their network connectivity...
  14. Ogre

    Alien Technology **Confirmed**

    Musk just confirmed that Alien technology is going to be included in the Cybertruck. Also, confirmed: - Cybrrrtruck is completely bullet proof (Glass and shell) - Rocket boost (At least while jumping) - Rear Winch with chain and heavy duty grappling hook - Will include a Drift Mode - Heads...
  15. Ogre

    Shortcuts "Find shortest route"/ back country exploring.

    I live along the 5 corridor in Oregon. One thing I've noticed here since moving up from California is there are a lot of alt route to get places. Often they are shorter, but they have sections of dirt roads, are closed in the winter, or sometimes are just too windy or have 1 lane sections...
  16. Ogre

    Underslung loads

    I'm wondering if it would be possible to carry cargo underneath the Cybertruck. For example, you might need to pick up some 20 foot conduit so you lift the truck to the full 16" height, then strap a carrying tube under the truck. You can't do this with a normal truck because there is just too...
  17. Ogre

    Free Juice

    One of the perks of EVs, a fair number of places nearby where I can plug in and get free power for my next road trip. Stopped by the local community college today and picked up a few free miles. I'll swing by tomorrow night and get some more before this weekend's trip. We don't have a fast...