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  1. Skynetassaultvehicle

    Electrek: Dems propose new $12,500 electric car rebate, Tesla left with $4,500 disadvantage

    Unions are trash, I would know I was in the uaw. Tesla should stay away from unionization.
  2. Skynetassaultvehicle

    Evil plan, math is flawless

    Hell yeah that's how I think as well muhahahaha
  3. Skynetassaultvehicle

    Why I'm Getting The F150 Lightning

    I was thinking about ordering lightning because I'm number 1 million in line for the cybertruck. I want the lightning pro extended range version which I heard will only be available to fleet owners. So I'm probably just going to keep driving my 19 5.0 f150 until I can get the cybertruck unless...
  4. Skynetassaultvehicle

    Tesla Cybertruck Design Patent Awarded

    It has door handles in the patent, I thought it wasn't getting them
  5. Skynetassaultvehicle

    Giga Austin to start production of Cybertruck in Q3?

    What time is that supposed to be today?
  6. Skynetassaultvehicle

    Factory pick-up in lieu of delivery [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I would like to do a factory pickup as well. I'm in New york I would love to make a little vacation out of it and meet other cybertruck owners at the factory I think it would be awesome.
  7. Skynetassaultvehicle

    Will the CyberTruck be your First Tesla and/or Electric Vehicle?

    My 2019 ford 5.0 uses a quart of oil every 1000 miles lmao
  8. Skynetassaultvehicle

    Elon Confirmed: Cybertruck Colors Options Will Require Wrap

    That totals the vehicle painting it in bedliner, no coming back from it once you do it. Makes no sense.
  9. Skynetassaultvehicle

    Elon Musk doesn't care if the Cybertruck flops

    I was thinking more along the lines of a Chevy SSR truck, Plymouth Prowler or DeLorean
  10. Skynetassaultvehicle

    Elon Musk doesn't care if the Cybertruck flops

    Of course, I'm obviously biased here. Most of us here are. Maybe we'll see a few (tens of) thousands of Cybertrucks for launch, then demand will just fall off a cliff and the truck will belly flop hard. Then I have an oddball collectors truck...