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  1. m.delmed129

    Cybertruck is on display at AI Day!

    They have a covered carrier they’ve transported and unloaded it from. I tried posting a video of it but it was taken down because it was an “old video”. Not sure the limitations around here on what video you can post, but it was from when it was being displayed at the Peterson
  2. m.delmed129

    Article: Tesla’s Cybertruck delay may have been caused by design finalization

    As said previously, the availability of scale on the 4680 cells is likely a factor. The biggest design change we’ve heard about to date, that would require much more than just a functional layout change, would be the late mentioned 4 wheel steering. Not only do they need to make sure the rear...
  3. m.delmed129

    Anyone have an EV as their ONLY vehicle?

    I have owned my Model 3 for 2.5 years, and originally kept my Mazda 3 as I figured I would drive that as a backup, to keep miles low (I drive a lot). After the first year I sold the Mazda because I had no interest in driving it over my Model 3. I loved the Mazda 3, the Model 3 was just more...
  4. m.delmed129

    Tesla all but confirms Cybertruck production delay until 2022

    I understand the need for keeping shareholders satiated, and understanding general market interest in your product before you invest in production. That being said, I hope the market shift to BEV’s reduces the need for these folks to use preorders as a justification/gauge for production...
  5. m.delmed129

    Glass Topper is a SHOW STOPPER !

    I can understand if you have a sensitivity to light, or the distractions cause by a “strobe effect”. In my two and a half years of ownership with my Model 3, I often forget the roof is glass. The tint is darker than I imagined when I first saw the photos compared to real life, and have not...
  6. m.delmed129

    A More Useful Frunk

    This may change with the CT, but I have used my frunk a total of 5 times, and only one of them was out of necessity. It’s not as convenient when you’re pulling front end into spaces, or your garage to then fetch something out of the frunk. Obviously I get the “job site”, or parking outdoors...
  7. m.delmed129

    Tesla continues saying Cybertruck first deliveries coming late 2021

    I didn’t, however, I am a current Model 3 owner, so they won’t have any benefit in hitting me up to purchase another one haha. I did consider upgrading the 3 to the Y instead of the CT, but the CT is adding significant functionality for me over what a Y could offer.
  8. m.delmed129

    Tesla continues saying Cybertruck first deliveries coming late 2021

    Worth noting start of production could be 1 truck by 12/31. I for one fully expect we see actual “volume” production in Q1. I was an optimist thinking they’d beat timeframes (last year’s optimism). I now don’t expect to see my CT before March of 2022. I’m about 8500 “in line”.
  9. m.delmed129

    Cybertruck Spotted in NYC! [Street Video Added]

    @OneLapper thanks for sharing these! Jealous! I can’t even imagine what this thing really looks like in person. I only imagine what it’s going to be like driving one around. My buddy told me to plan an extra 30 minutes if going to a store. He figures we’ll be stopped talking to someone...
  10. m.delmed129

    Mustang Mach-E Real World Range (Big problem)

    I’ve found on my Model 3 in subzero temps to get roughly 40% worse efficiency at the worst. Typically I’ll see 20% on anything 20°F and above. Obviously there are a lot of factors too. You mash the pedal (easy to do in a Tesla), your efficiency reduces. I often run my temp between 68 and 70...
  11. m.delmed129


    Welcome to the MN thread! Welcome to the MN club! Great to have another one of us to see driving around in the future! Cannot wait to see you driving around somewhere. Hopefully we’ll pass each other on 62, 94, 35, or anywhere in the cities! I’ll have to look at the local group. I’ve been...
  12. m.delmed129

    Charging w/ house electrical issue

    My advice, don’t try to make something work out. Get the electrical addressed now, plan for a 60amp circuit, and be able to use your home and charge your car with confidence. One perk of having an EV is being able to stop going other places to “fill up”, and starting every day certain you’ve...
  13. m.delmed129

    The Vault, size and uses? Owners manual? Aluminum-ion battery?

    I think Elon suggested they’d consider a pass through. As folks have asked him with exactly what you mentioned in mind. Which admittedly doesn’t mean much. I’m interested to see what pans out. Im sure if they don’t, we all won’t really mind anyway, because we’ll be pleased to even have it in...
  14. m.delmed129

    The Vault, size and uses? Owners manual? Aluminum-ion battery?

    I wouldn’t expect the manual available until first vehicles get delivered. Typically it’s tied directly to your online account, and available through the touchscreen in the vehicle. Until they truly finish the final product, they’ll likely spin up the manual a month before launch.
  15. m.delmed129

    StarLink Pre-Orders Now Available

    I was contacted last month about it being available in my region. Just outside the twin cities in MN.
  16. m.delmed129

    What's your realistic "worst case scenario" for CT range/efficiency concerns?

    Some things to keep in mind: You will want to max charge to 90% daily. Typically anything 70-90% is recommended. You’ll start off by warming up your vehicle 20-30 min before you leave for the site, which will help condition your cabin, and the battery pack. If it’s like the Model 3 and Model...
  17. m.delmed129

    Anyone else have their FSD option now say $8k?

    Here’s how it will likely break down. If you reserved your truck at the $7K, and don’t touch your reservation (any changes in config), you will continue to get the $7K. If you decide to edit the design, yourdesign is then subject to a cost raises in FSD, regardless of your initial reservation...
  18. m.delmed129

    View out of Rear Window

    Right? It isn’t that useful to have to pull the cameras up on the screen. This dedicated viewer should vastly improve visibility. Nothing like driving your Model 3 and thinking everyone is riding your butt.
  19. m.delmed129

    View out of Rear Window

    Definitely recommend watching some of the ride alongs from the event, on YouTube. It will give you some perspective. As others have said, it’s a dedicated feed from the rear cameras, and will help when the vault cover is closed, but also give a consistent feed regardless. I will say, after...
  20. m.delmed129

    First Cybertruck Deliveries by End of 2021 - Says Musk on Q3 Earnings Call

    Have they confirmed the bumpers, or any of the black portion of the truck to be Steel? I know the exoskeleton, and majority of the exterior is, however, in close ups, that appears to be standard plastic on rocker portion, and surrounding. Will be interesting to find out. Regarding the...