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  1. Tesla’s Elon Musk highlights Cybertruck’s uniqueness, explains adoption of yoke

    The yoke isn’t Elon’s first mistake. If Tesla doesn’t fix it, the after market will be swarming with fixes.
  2. I have CT reserved, but I rented a Y on Turo. My thoughts - and yours :)

    I have owned a Model S85 and an X90. After 4 years, I traded the X for a Y AWD last year. It has been perfect. I must be crazy because I reserved a CT (about number 500,000 in line). As I recently celebrated my 84th, it is not likely that I’ll even be around when the CT finally shows up but...
  3. F-150 Lightning Powering Houses for Days

    I’m probably mistaken but I’m under the impression that backup battery cells designed for solar backup are optimized for thousands of cycles and vehicle battery cells for capacity at the expense of cycles in the several hundreds. If that’s correct, one wouldn’t want to hook a vehicle as a...
  4. Article: Tesla Cybertruck reservations top 1.2 million units

    CT has been removed from the top line menu of the Tesla website. Could this be related to the article in some way?
  5. Rumor: Cybertruck (Not Model Y) Will Kick Off Production at Gigafactory Texas & Use Structural Battery Pack w/ 4680 Battery Cells

    Putting 4680 cells, exoskeleton construct, 4 wheel steering and structural battery pack in the CT production critical path increases the risk of production delays.