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  1. BillyGee

    Dealerships are such hot garbage and need to be taken out

    Since I committed to purchasing a model Y last week I decided it would be a good idea to go to to a dealership and see what they say about my current work vehicle as far as a trade-in or even getting cash value. As expected, they low balled me and gave me an estimate for just the truck and none...
  2. BillyGee

    How About a CyberJetski to go with the CyberQuad?

    Anything intended to work on water is never going to be maintenance free, especially on saltwater. Salt water is one of the three most destructive forces of nature, sunlight and children being the other two.
  3. BillyGee

    Professional Appearance

    I already have liners picked out on Amazon, a stockpile of gator wipes, a new rigid rolling toolbox for parts storage and organizing and a plastic bin for oil and one for acid. Hopefully I didn't miss anything.
  4. BillyGee

    Professional Appearance

    He's technically retired, he's just bad with tech. He also thought QuickBooks online was a bad idea, but after using it for 2 years he's fine with it. I went ahead with performance for quicker delivery and better resale value down the line. I'm well under the mileage cap every day, so home...
  5. BillyGee

    Professional Appearance

    Funny thing is that my partner said I should cancel my cybertruck and get an f150 lightening because "ford will blow them out of the water", he also thinks Tesla will go bankrupt any day now. The TCO when compared to an F350 is a no brainer from a business perspective.
  6. BillyGee

    Key for electric vehicles

    That's kind of surprising considering there's a Fitbit phone app that can even summon. Well... It claims to.
  7. BillyGee

    Professional Appearance

    Well I guess I'll find out, I ordered the Y to replace my F350 that is massive overkill for my line of work. I'll report back on my irl findings. Usually I'm not parked out back, I'm in the middle of the crush pads and sometimes halfway in a roll up. An emission free vehicle slipping indoors is...
  8. BillyGee

    Professional Appearance

    No, I have a few customers in Oakland, so I'll have that covered. As far as the recharging, I'm really excited to only have to go to super chargers are exceptionally long trips. Even then, a lot of my customers have destination chargers on site or single phase 220 available. Odds are I'll be...
  9. BillyGee

    Professional Appearance

    I work in kind of a weird niche. The machines I work on are all portable and can be loaded into the back of a Y no problem, but they are used for industrial cleaning applications. Honestly the major factor is cost and based my spreadsheet an mY costs about 50% as much as my truck does to operate...
  10. BillyGee

    The Cyber Truck may pay for itself.

    I just signed to get three Tesla power walls installed, but they have a one year wait. I'm really.hoping autobidder is perfected by then. I'm also hoping my house doesn't get burned down between now and then too.
  11. BillyGee

    We need to push Tesla & Elon to speed up the delivery of CT

    As infuriating as the delay may be, I also kind of have to thank it for being the reason my fiance is okay with us getting a model Y in the meantime. My business vehicle is costing and impossible amount to operate and a model Y will not only do the job but cost a fraction as much to operate...
  12. BillyGee

    GigaAustin Model Y vs Fremont Model Y

    My understanding is that is the case with orders. So even if you don't take delivery you can just keep postponing, at least if Tesla time news is to be believed.
  13. BillyGee

    Professional Appearance

    With the delay of our N64 trucks I'm now seriously considering a model Y to get my by until then. However, my business partner seems convinced that a model Y will send the wrong message when pulling up to job sites, but I'm really not convinced that's the case. I do specialty repairs at...
  14. BillyGee

    Update from Elon: Cybertruck production starting late 2022 and volume production in 2023

    Still kind of hoping that it means I can get it before harvest of next year. I'm about 2600 for the dual motor trim, but they'll probably prioritize the tri motor trims. So much for tbeing able to exploit the truck shortage.
  15. BillyGee

    A Unionized Tesla Workforce Could Benefit All Parties

    If you already provide everything unions demand as a starting point then you've effectively made them obsolete.
  16. BillyGee

    Cybertruck Steering Wheel Dimensions

    I'm kind of hoping we get fly by wire steering, or at least the abity for it to delink so that FSD and AP can drive without the wheel moving.
  17. BillyGee

    Who's betting we'll see Cybertruck going out of Fremont this October?

    I remember a rumor a while back of initial prototyping happening in Fremont to get sized for Austin, but I don't recall anything official. I was thinking about the way it's be made and I think sandy Monroe was bang on with the assembly simplicity. >Build frame >Load in battery, motors/axles...
  18. BillyGee

    Solar panels

    From what I understand the Tesla design strategy is that the rectifiers for charging are located in the car itself, so as long as the cable draws are run it should be pretty easy. If I had to guess, it's going to be in the $5k ballpark. Tesla charges $2k for different wheels, so I feel like...
  19. BillyGee

    Cybertruck Size & Inconsiderate people

    I feel like you're all missing the point here. Even if you don't spring for FSD the truck will be dealing with these nonces for you on freeways and most highways. Commuting will just be boring instead of infuriating, especially when it comes to the suicidal weavers and dippers. Hopefully by the...
  20. BillyGee