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  1. TI4Dan

    Dual Motor CT is estimated at 690 horsepower and 824 lb-ft torque

    I have a 04' ram with a 5.9 Diesel 325hp and 610 ftlbs @ 1600 rpm, I rarely need to hammer the throttle in it with a trailer and camper on it. I can hardly imagine what the CT will feel like at 2000lbs less in weight and more power that my diesel, probably a good thing its a dual motor to...
  2. TI4Dan

    Dual CT running on one motor

    I thought The dual motor would have a little higher power consumption than the single motor. When I discovered that the powered used per mile was the same on ABRP figured what do I know about the actual WH/M, glad you mentioned it.
  3. TI4Dan

    Value of long range variants.

    I would pay a extra $10K for a battery upgrade. We don't know the KwHr of battery size for the three variants but what every I can get for my $10K to add the extra range to a dual motor.
  4. TI4Dan

    Cybertruck Tire Size Options What Do You Choose?

    I did not realize that the wheel opening are that big already, This was years ago but my wife had a Ford ranger 4x4(86') and she bought 1' offset rims which at the time she didn't know anything about it. Of course tires would rub badly. She was mad, I made her a custom lift of three inches at...
  5. TI4Dan

    Should Tesla only allow electric vehicles at their factories/facilities?

    Yeah really nice equipment, the specifications are 7 hr run time for riding and walk behind mowers, I know its out of my cost arena but commercial grade stuff for sure.
  6. TI4Dan

    Ford Hybrid F150 used as a generator

    Both those Horse/RV trailers are not your plain jane models, they have house batteries in them stock probaby two and could be more. They may even come with a built in genset that runs on propane which burns very clean. I would not make it a habit to use the truck to run the trailer but use the...
  7. TI4Dan

    Should Tesla only allow electric vehicles at their factories/facilities?

    I know that in some case it is possible to have some electric powered lawn equipment but a lot of commercial properties have large scale landscapes that require commerical styled equipment to manage it in a reasonable time factor. I have a large lawn at my home and it takes about two hours for...
  8. TI4Dan

    Dual CT running on one motor

    I am assuming that Tesla's has active stability control and it would be better if both motors stayed active to have better control of CT AWD( dual and tri motors) during varible road conditions. When I have used A Better Route Planner it does not make a difference between single or dual motor CT...
  9. TI4Dan

    Cybertruck Tire Size Options What Do You Choose?

    Did you do a body lift on your jeep? and how much axle lift did you go to put on 40's?
  10. TI4Dan

    Urban Innovation Expert Urges Joe Biden To Limit Tesla’s FSD Testing

    I would think Joe needs FSD, he is a prime candidate....but seriously we need real world testing with professionals first before it goes public. The driving age seems to be coming to a end I thought it would not happen in my life time but technology is evolving so rapidly that I may even have in...
  11. TI4Dan

    Should Tesla only allow electric vehicles at their factories/facilities?

    I was thinking of contractors that Tesla needs on site like greens maintenance or the plumbers ect, The question sounds like only but not not everyone on site is a Tesla employee. I would think in time most employees would have changed over. Anyone that owns a gas vehicle will probably call it...
  12. TI4Dan

    Advance release C2 Cybertruck: Due to the obvious popularity of the dual motor edition, should Tesla early release ten per month?

    The CT trimotor and dual motor may initially have higher reservations so it does make sense to produce at first the most CT in demand but I think Elon will want to start the single motors as soon as possible not just to fill the reservations but business who use 1/2T trucks in their line of work...
  13. TI4Dan

    Cybertruck Tire Size Options What Do You Choose?

    I watched the video and nice to see but that was easy to detect the deer, we have a saying if you see one two more are following. Deer will hide in a stand of trees or brush and when they see your car light then they see well enough to cross. I have seen 5 bucks running across a field towards...
  14. TI4Dan


    I second that but if it really is dirty I pray for rain or look for a creek crossing.
  15. TI4Dan

    Cybertruck Tire Size Options What Do You Choose?

    I hate to rotate tires so when I bought my truck new I never rotated the tires and a set of Michelins went 72k miles which I felt was pretty good for towing a 5th wheel around. Here in Montana they like using chip seal to resurface roads, my driveway has #3 rock, and potholes you really have to...
  16. TI4Dan

    Cybertruck Tire Size Options What Do You Choose?

    I looked at Tire just to see what was available in 35x12.5R18, I like the Wrangler A/T Adventure Kevlar but in this size its a Wrangler M/T R with Kevlar, listed at $390.00 each. I have on my truck( 2500 Dually) the Wrangler A/T Adventure which handle the weight well, steers accurately(...
  17. TI4Dan

    Starlink “Better Than Nothing Beta”

    I have been on Starlink for a few weeks now and the service far better than the than my last two Satellite companies I had. My problem is I have too many tall trees around me and the satellites are not above the skyline of trees. The reception suffers greatly plus the lack of satellites with...
  18. TI4Dan

    Things I want to know...

    It's surprising how much a motorcycle can weight, my RX3 is a 250 adventure bike with bags and trunk. I weight the bike and me at 620 ibs, after that discovery it explains why I have to run the engine in the 6K rpm band to excelerate smartly. My touring bike and myself are in the same weight...
  19. TI4Dan

    Sometimes a Cybertruck is JUST a Cybertruck....

    This type of option is the perfect women, polite, very smart, pretty to look at, over dresses for most occasions, and she does not require the attention of a man. I once was married to this option and it did not work out for me. Now Love is the other option she is very efficient at task, nice...
  20. TI4Dan

    Cybertruck Tire Size Options What Do You Choose?

    Truck tires in general have one of the toughest job on a truck, to provide traction and all weather conditions, carry a load, delivery a comfortable ride, resist road hazards like potholes and debris on roadway and longevity in tire wear. We add to that list with tire appearance of tread pattern...