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  1. MonsterCyber

    Is there value in your early reservation

    Talked to sales they will not honor it. A guy bought one to sell and it wouldn't be honored if i purchased it. Do not buy one.
  2. MonsterCyber

    Elon Musk’s New Cybertruck Gigafactory Plan - 1 Million cybertrucks produced per year?

    Elon Musk’s new Cybertruck Gigafactory plan will blow your mind, and result in Tesla producing millions of Cybertrucks! Let’s take a look at why Elon Musk’s gigafactories are so important.
  3. MonsterCyber

    Vandalism concerns

    Im going to lift mine so high they cant.
  4. MonsterCyber

    How many are getting the solar option

    All boxes checked ✅
  5. MonsterCyber

    Screaming into the Cyber void

    This is a true test.
  6. MonsterCyber

    Tone down the accolades

    Plan on lifting & scraping trees in the woods with my bros.
  7. MonsterCyber

    Cybertruck wishlist - options or ideas you'd like to see available?

    Extreme lift sensor compatibility. Heated Seats and remote start/control is all this needs. Wings/solar addons and premium audio upgrade .
  8. MonsterCyber

    Hail proof ?

    I love this vehicle so much!
  9. MonsterCyber

    Are you new to Tesla?

    Ghost in the shell look won me over. Thank you Elon! YOU HAVE EXCELLENT TASTE!!!
  10. MonsterCyber

    Cybertruck Playlist

    Carpenter Brut :alien:
  11. MonsterCyber

    Lift kit for Cybertruck?

    Came here to find the lift kit boys :cool: Hoping to see 27'F/29'B sensor support. Gonna be throwing codes lol