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  1. CT Companion vehicle - model 2, Aptera or other

    If I am getting my energy from sunlight, which I already am, it literally does not matter how much of it I use, as the marginal dollar cost of producing that energy is ridiculously close to zero and marginal environmental cost of producing that energy is also ridiculously close to zero. Does...
  2. Replacement tire price will be a shock

    It's not exactly about the size of the tires. There are in my experience two big contributors to noise. The type of tire you select - if you choose a really open tread it's going to be louder than a closed tread designed for a sedan in dry conditions. Next, if you do get open tread tires...
  3. Knock off the blockchain Elon

    So the Fred's Bank analogy does not apply, unless someone at Ford did some insider trading. What I am suggesting is that there is an argument that Musk could be close to being an inside trader with respect to Bitcoin. Yes, because of how his tweets can move the market. First of all, I don't...
  4. Knock off the blockchain Elon

    Um, no. That's not what happened. In the "funding secured" debacle, here's what happened - Tesla's and Musk's lawyers ended up in a negotiation to keep them out of court, and to keep Musk out of actual jail for fraud, which resulted in: Musk agreeing to have his tweets reviewed by Tesla's...
  5. Knock off the blockchain Elon

    Sure, at the moment, that's true. However, past results are no guarantee of future performance - up or down. And as far as Musk moving the market: Musk announced on 3/24 that Tesla would accept Bitcoin, that day it was at $52,774. A week later it was at $58,918. Did Musk cause that? Who knows...
  6. Knock off the blockchain Elon

    IANAL, but I am a business person. And I think promoting an investment asset is tricky. Tesla purchased $1.5B of Bitcoin, and just announced they are no longer taking it as form of payment, so now it's just an investment asset for Tesla, one that has recently had a material effect on its...
  7. Knock off the blockchain Elon

    Let's not forget that Tesla had a $100M+ gain from Bitcoin in the last quarter. This alone is enough reason for Elon to not discuss crypto-currencies - he could end up in trouble with the SEC again for stock manipulation. Seriously.

    (Maybe) fun trivia: Boondock is one word. It comes from the Tagalog word, bundok, meaning mountains. In WWII, the American soldiers in the Phillipines picked up on this word and started calling their boots "bookdockers" - which is where the word comes from. Have a great week!
  9. Operating a Cyber Truck Fleet

    A business plan is going to be essential for you. It will force you to sharpen your thinking and address issues you haven't fully thought out. I've written many of them, some for myself and for others as well. Personally, I have my doubts that the robotaxi business model will be fully...
  10. First look at Tesla’s new structural battery pack that will power future vehicles

    We are already at the "disposable" car. Insurance companies are very quick to declare a car a total loss even after a seemingly minor accident, then the cars are parted out for the pieces that can be resold and the rest is recycled. Any accident which causes structural damage to a Tesla battery...
  11. Is it worth keeping my reservation?

    Interim solution - buy a first generation used Mercedes ML, 1998 - 2005. You can pick one up in decent condition for $1,500 - $4,000. Pretty dang reliable. You can then sell it for about what you paid for it in a couple of years.
  12. Naming your CyberTruck

    Mine is named Aegis. For those who don’t know, this is the name of the shield carried by Athena and Zeus.
  13. 600+ Range For Cybertruck

    Team driving isn’t rare. It’s very normal for long haul.
  14. Cybertruck incentives.

    I don’t know how many pre-orders there are for Cybertruck, but I do know that when I placed my second order, on Father’s Day this year, according to the spreadsheet available on this site I was order number 817,127. That was in May, so I guess it could be over 1 million now.
  15. Good Morning Teslanytes

    1965 MGB. My dad bought it new, drove it for 212,000 miles. At 15 I pulled the engine and tranny. I rebuilt the engine and had a friend rebuild the tranny. Got it running again in time for my 16th birthday when I got my driver's license on the day. Loved that car. Sold it when I had a baby on...
  16. Tesla teardown finds electronics 6 years ahead of Toyota and VW

    You apparently missed the whole point of the post. It wasn’t about FSD, it was about how the vehicles are manufactured.
  17. full steering wheel?

    it’s now 3 & 9 because of power steering, not airbags. It says so right in the official driver’s guide for taking the driver’s license test the State of California publishes.
  18. Copperhead Thread

    Live in the heat of Los Angeles, I like the stainless look but maybe a wrap would be fun.
  19. When your reservation comes up can you change type of truck?

    OK, I either made a mistake or it has changed again. I was looking at the Tesla website on the Cybertruck order page. It has either changed back or I was wrong. The dual-motor version is now showing production in late 2021.
  20. When your reservation comes up can you change type of truck?

    I don't know if anyone noticed, but I think it used to say on the Cybertruck site that the dual- and tri-motor models would be begin shipping in 2021. Now it says the tri-motor will be shipping in 2021, and not the dual.