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  1. Ok if GM/Ford go under?

    I'm making no predictions until I'm able to put an actual CT through its paces. I'll make the switch once the actual vehicle PROVES itself to be superior. I've never been brand loyal...all manufacturers have their winners and their losers and specs on paper mean nothing to me. I'm the end user...
  2. Autoline: Has Cybertruck Changed Pickup Design?

    I suppose "driving" and "using" are obviously the difference.
  3. Autoline: Has Cybertruck Changed Pickup Design?

    I'm going to have to respectfully disagree. I dont think it will be adequate for either the hunter/sports crowd or the small business owner, be it landscape, lawn, plumbing, electrician or whatever else requires ready access to the contents stored in any area of the bed. The outdoors crowd haul...
  4. Autoline: Has Cybertruck Changed Pickup Design?

    Tesla is excluding a large portion of the truck market with the bed design. It''s not a viable design for the market who actually need to use it as a working truck and access the bed from the sides.. I would venture a guess that a large percentage of the orders will cancel if it isn't...