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  1. Cybertruck vs ALL trucks & maybe SUVs

    A CT3 will have about the same range as my 2001 Dodge diesel. Not towing but I don't intend to set any records while towing. Towing for 250 to 300 miles and then taking a 1 hour break is not a bad deal in my view.
  2. Cybertruck vs ALL trucks & maybe SUVs

    The last time I calculated the cost of CT V. Diesel ICE "fueling" owning a CT would be like being able to buy diesel fuel for $.80 a gallon. If you get solar your cost will go down (as you amortize the cost of the solar). With diesel your cost will almost certainly go up. Hell, the cost of...
  3. Is the stainless steel used in the Cyber Truck attracted to a magnet or not?

    you also got the benefit of the magnet latching on to any stray metal filings in your oil. At least the ones that are attracted to a magnet
  4. Aptera - the solar car - opens reservations

    I'd like to see them on the road and then I'd like to see the price about $10k cheaper. Will the Aptera qualify for any tax breaks? Does Biden have any tax breaks in the works for EVs?
  5. 610 miles of range for Cybertruck - is it for real?

    You guys seem to know all there is to know about electric motors. I have a question. I won't live long enough to wear out a motor on my Tesla but what do you think a rebuilt motor will cost? Assuming a core trade and without considering installation. (unless it can only be done at a...
  6. Cybertruck reservation order number -- how to tell your place in line

    8. I thought of another factor that might come into play. There seems to be a number of people in this group who want some of the virtues of a CT but are concerned about what may be a downside for them. No place to charge, not enough room in the garage, not enough range even with the TM...
  7. Cybertruck reservation order number -- how to tell your place in line

    There are several factors that will change Jason's actual position in line and I am not sure how well they are accounted for in the chart. 1. No foreign orders will be produced for quite a while. Probably until the US demand is filled. 2. Which model will be produced first. I have a DM on...
  8. Any updates?

    It would be nice if Elon and the people who make the Yeti cooler could get together and either make the frunk to fit a Yeti model or make a Yeti to fit the frunk.
  9. Battery Replacement

    Why don't you get out now and avoid any potential rush
  10. 610 miles of range for Cybertruck - is it for real?

    When you take your foot all the way off the "gas" and slow down faster than an ICE car do vehicles behind you get any warning? Like brake lights or something.
  11. New study expects at least 215,000 jobs to be wiped out in the German auto industry by 2030

    60 or so years ago there was a magazine whose name escapes me. It had a cartoon every month titled "through history with J. Wellsley Smith". The recurring character appeared at different historical periods and always managed to put his foot in his mouth in some way. The one I remember the...
  12. Vehicle to Home (Ford Figured it Out)

    I still don't understand why you are planning on a 30KWH use when you are off the grid. Surely if the grid was down most people would find ways to cut back. I have a sister in law who does not realize that light switches work two ways. She does not understand that they can be used to turn...
  13. Cybertruck UI patent hints at 610 mile range, eye tracking mirror adjustments, 20" suspension travel

    If the trimotor range is really 110 more miles than first announced there is no reason that the dual motor version could not have a 360 mile range
  14. CyberTruck production start date = April 2022

    I am about #122,000 BUT I have a 2 motor W/O FSD. If I were to believe every favorable thing I read on this forum I will be ahead of all foreign orders and single motors. It does not look good for FSD in the short term so I guess I am ahead of them as well. I also will be ahead of some or all...
  15. Single motor cybertruck

    Building an off grid home adds another consideration to the issue. I live in a 3000 square foot home and heat with propane and wood (mostly wood). During the 8 months that I do not use A/C I average 14 KWH per day with the max being around 16. I could cut that in half if I had a smaller house...
  16. Single motor cybertruck

    There are three kinds of 4WD owners. One kind uses 4WD to keep from getting stuck, another uses it to get stuck farther away from help and the third kind thinks that since he can get moving better in snow and or ice he can also stop better.
  17. Cybertruck Stainless Steel Exterior - Wrap or Polish

    This would allow people who enjoy blinding other drivers with their new headlights at night to have fun in the daytime too.
  18. Should Tesla Do Paid Advertising?

    I voted for a small amt. of advertising and here is what I had in mind. Each CT buyer should be OFFERED a number of cards that have relevant CT facts on them. MPG equivalent, range, contact info/website, and any other stuff that people want to know. By the time CTs are offered to the public...
  19. Telling vehicle when / how much to charge

    I understand that for max battery life you should only charge to 80%. Is the battery degraded by how long it is kept charged over 80% or how many times it is charged over 80%. I might only charge to the max a couple of times a year. What effect would that have on the battery during the ten to...