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  1. MotorTrend: 2022 Rivian R1T Spare Tire Explained: Fixing Flats Just Got Easier

    Would like to see a drain plug at the bottom of the tub just in case. Never know with a seal filling over time in my CA sun.. knowing my fam that loves to go through car washs... yea.. Otherwise I like it, and a great shot of the on board compressor. Does anyone have the spec on the compressor?
  2. Amphibious Cybertruck

    Hard or inflatable pontoon sides? Use the on-board compressor..
  3. Article: Tesla’s Cybertruck delay may have been caused by design finalization

    If I were making a Kick Ass Truck, I would: 1. Show case a capable kick ass truck with limited spec just enough to get attention 2. Wait to see what competition has or doesn't have 3. Update my Kick Ass Truck as needed 4. Show case final version with an delivery event and distribute hand made...
  4. Fender flare material

    Maybe can't be SS as stamping would be too hard of a challenge for the small cameras in them? Or the intergerty of the fender with the camera in it? Idk, I'm sure they have tested options and did not want to go with plastic but may have not had a choice in the matter..
  5. Fender flare material

    Maybe they were just 3D printed for the show car. And Prod will be much better, just like Elon.. make Prod better then the concept car.. lol idk just thinking out loud. We will find out something by Christmas time..
  6. What would you pay for the cyberquad?

    Many are speculating its based off the Raptor 700, currently that is new base price of ~$8,500. With that in mind if using 4680's I would say sub $8,000. Personally I'm working side jobs and budgeting 10k... to be more realistic.
  7. Solar panels over canels to save water

    This is amazing!! More power and save water at the same time!!
  8. Lets talk 4680

    4680 size is one thing. The chemistry and tech (like tabless) in it is a different story.
  9. Soon...

    I can ask my brother if his buggy is available. You would be surprised how many have phones and internet. I helped setup solar and batteries for many.
  10. Lets talk 4680

    Agreed there are photos of the burned S with 18650'z.
  11. Brand New Model S Plaid burst into flames

    Please accurately look at the pictures. 18650's but new chemistry, which chemistry? We will have to wait and see. More details are coming out, please don't put faith in FUD.
  12. Automatic tailgate lowering? Or just a latch button?

    In the patient papers that were leaked that showed the CT UI. I believe there was a button on screen for LiftGate. Wonder if it is the same as those in the rear.
  13. One of the Cybertrucks is with Savage Garage

    Anyone else notice those elephant side mirrors? I'm wondering if all those CT that we have been seeing have been trucked around as they are currently not street legal... yet.. I'm still not convinced this picture is real dure to the two sets of shadows, color/saturation is off, and a few other...
  14. Ford Will Crush Tesla With Electric F-150, Jim Cramer Says

    As all his "info" is opinion, I watch him for great entertainment. 😹
  15. 610 miles of range for Cybertruck - is it for real?

    I'm curious if Tesla will do what Ford did. Range is estimated with with a 1 thousand pound payload. If so the 500+ should definitely easily got beyond 610+ when not loaded.
  16. Tesla canceled my solar roof

    Yes new requirements. Unless an installer already has it in stock but directly from Tesla, sells of power walls will only be with panels or roof.
  17. Tesla canceled my solar roof

    In this case I do not believe the vents matter, is may only matter if one would need to gain more power output. From what I see in this case is more of all the different angels and obstruction cuts that would have to be made. Weither the obstruction was on one side or the other the tiles still...
  18. A More Useful Frunk

    Wish we knew but we don't know much of the CT Frunk. Thus this gives Tesla to see what the competition is doing and hopefully adjust. Was it the Hummer EV that it was mostly a hood with the front grill area to fold down to better access the goodies inside? It is a touch call, add power to...
  19. Trade In process?

    I agree with above, Tesla trade ins to other Tesla's. They give the best value as they understand there values.
  20. 6-year-old boy fatally shot during apparent road rage attack Just so sad.. this is just one more reason/ check mark on the CT list versus anyone else..