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  1. How can the Tri-Motor Cybertruck at $70k possibly be real?

    Recently I had this passing thought when thinking of the Plaid+, for a little more, there is the Semi. Down payment is more but look at what you get. That windshield is panoramic and with FSD, it would be very interesting other than the garaging challlenge.
  2. Who's planning on a Cybertruck factory pickup / delivery

    Jeep used to do something like this but driving their new vehicles. I did it and it was great. They could easily charge for this experience IMO. Even if Tesla didn’t, maybe a 3rd party accessory seller could do something like this nearby. Get your CT and get accessories installed right down...
  3. Upgraded order from dual to tri motor!

    I have a dual motor res. I am hoping for an option for 4 wheel steering. I have a Kubota with mechanical 4 WS and it rocks. The CT is big and it would help maneuvering. Only other interesting option would be additional armor and biodefense for the cabin. Lots of fun.
  4. Cyber Truck should come with wifi hot spot standard

    Yep, my 2013 Ford C-Max Energi had a built-in hotspot that could be set up via a cell phone. It did not make a lot of sense and I never bothered to set it up but it had the capability. My Model 3 browser is more functional by far but a hotspot might be useful in some cases. I would like to be...
  5. I am concerned the Single Motor CT will never happen.

    Dual motor adds cost but $10k implies a little more than just a motor and 50 miles of range IMO. I am hopeful there will be lots of additional goodies Included or available. I would/might go tri once we know more about it. If the tri enhaces mechanical simplicity by removing the rear...