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  1. All wheel steering - how does it work?

    Think GM put it in some of their trucks and abandoned the idea shortly thereafter. Too many maintenance hassles and repair costs attributed to it. Hope Tesla has a better way ... FWIW I'm not that enthusiastic about it.
  2. SS Body SS Painting SS electrical

    you say you’re an engineer ... what part of the word “exoskeleton“ don’t you get?
  3. .

    The new EV Mustang has no handles either - it pops open a couple inches so you can get a hand in there to swing it fully open. My bet is the CT will do something similar. Have the key card in a pocket so it opens .. no phone required this way.
  4. TSLA Took a big dump today! WOW!

    Yup it has been in a funk since the slowing of production due to a scarcity of chip stock. Automotive computer chips are not a high priority with the big companies. When APPL makes noise they comply ... TSLA not so much.
  5. Musk on Cybertruck: It's better than people realize... they don’t have enough information to realize its awesomeness

    What ... get out to plug in the wiring to trailer? Dude that is so 90's, how bout wifi/bluetooth for signals and other things on the trailer ... like rear view cam, radar, flamethrower, and Bond inspired tire killing spikes for tailgaters.
  6. Cybertruck Insurance Premium Cost?

    Don’t do the so called “safe driver” option offered by most insurance companies. This is the nanny you plug in to the OBD port. Did this on a Prius and got insurance jacked by Progressive ... ya you heard right a Prius. No accidents or claims in at least 40 years but my sharp turns or stops to...
  7. What is happening with Tesla stock and when will it stop? Getting a lil nervous.

    This drop-off might be the JD Power news. However most of the JDP complaints have already been addressed and rectified. It could be as simple as the stock taking a rest ... the market calls this consolidation. Think of it as a good time to buy in at a cheaper price, but not quite yet. Let the...
  8. It is effing final. Elon said so himself! "Cybertruck doesn’t need a garage"

    I like your choice in motorcycles there bro!
  9. If a full size AND mid size Cybertruck were available, what size would you order?

    What's full size these days ... my "full sized" 2000 Tundra is smaller than the mid size Tacoma they make now? The CT is fine for the USA ... can see how a smaller version would be welcomed in Euro countries and would be super easy for middle eastern terrorists to mount a 50 cal in the bed.
  10. Will the CyberTruck be your First Tesla and/or Electric Vehicle?

    First time EV owner. Presently drive a Prius so no fear of the future here ... hesitated til now because of the availability of charging stations and limited range. Getting the CT3 for it's range not the incredible 0 to 60 numbers. CT will replace a seldom used low mile Tundra and the Prius.
  11. We're Giving Away Some Cybertruck Keychains (Contest Inside) [Winners Announced]

    Tundra goes and the Prius goes when take delivery of a Cyber Truck, motorcycle stays tho until Tesla makes a bike.