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  1. DallasEd

    Rivian Starts shipping to Customer

    Rivian IPO I want to get rich guys I'm sure that: Before the Rivian $80 Billion IPO, Rivian will open it's factory to media and all investors. Yes An Ice cube's chance in Hell... :LOL::LOL::LOL:
  2. DallasEd

    Tesla’s $25k car gets update on its final name, options, and potential release date

    also Tesla Model Z will have Blade LFP (no 4680 LFP) battery pack. Lowering cost of BEV is only based on battery costs. Tesla can not build a $25k BEV with 4680 LFP the battery is to friggen $$$ expensive. Thus Blade are in China BEV production cars that are on China roads. Tesla new low cost...
  3. DallasEd

    Tesla files to become an electricity provider in Texas

    Future is Near No home will ever be connected to the grid. What thats Crazy Look BEV can and will power any home for 4-5 days. This is TVs Frige AC heat Hot water Internet lights camera action everything an entire home can be powered by 1 BEV for 4-5 days. Next Free BEV Charging Work provides...
  4. DallasEd

    The curse of 'white oil': electric vehicles' dirty secret

    White Oil Unlimited Afghanistan the Saudi Arabia of lithium with $13 Trillion in just Li and rare earth reserves. Forget Bolivia ($0.357 Trillion) and all the rest combined Afghanistan has 3600% more Li. Tesla China should make a deal with Afghanistan thru its China headquarters. To sweeten the...
  5. DallasEd

    Biden Wants Extra Incentive For Union-Built Electric Cars—Which Would Exclude Teslas

    Check Your Guns at the Door Meeting Ok EVs hate UAW and UAW hate EVs. Ford gm Chrysler are UAW and UAW know EVs are to easy to build and reduce labor to build by 75%. so Bidden is very wise and would never allow Tesla a EV company in the same room with UAW. Again It is not like UAW are...
  6. DallasEd

    Color options - body wraps

    Yes Wrap You can wrap anything but my bet is the NHTSA will out law Cyber Truck wraps. I will give it 5-6 months and Cyber Truck wraps will be ending up on the windshields of the slower low range Ford F-150 Lightings. My Hope Tesla Cyber Truck production in the first 1/2 year Austin Texas Tesla...
  7. DallasEd

    I Cancelled my Cybertruck for the F150 Lightning

    Roast No I think in a few years you will find you roasted your self Why? If the Ford truck is anything like the sedan then it is a bad move. Ford is not a EV company yet where Tesla is EV. So Charging Who cares who you buy from its all the same. Quality Ford is as good as Tesla Cost Tesla wins...
  8. DallasEd

    Color options - body wraps

    Why Wraps? Paint or wraps need to bond to finishes. Stainless steel, however, presents a cohesion problem because the finish surface is almost completely smooth. Painting on stainless steel requires preparation to ensure that the metal is capable of holding a layer of paint in place. Chemically...
  9. DallasEd

    EV Tires?

    Yes A new tire to come out this year that would give EVs a 5-10% EV range increase. It was a major tire manufacture that was coming out with a special EV tire. I read some where a few months back about a new EV tire that was to increase EV range.
  10. DallasEd

    EV Tires?

    There was a BEV tire or EV tire that was to improve EV range by 5-10%. It was not a std tire and it was to be available from a major tire manufacturer. Anyone know about a new EV tire soon to come out that has improved EV range?
  11. DallasEd

    CT Body Manufacturing Process

    SS or any body panel is stamped and welding is old tec Bonding like Tesla M3 MY S X all bonded. Stronger better life faster less expensive to metal bond. Just like at home I metal prep the surface to enhance metal bond. Truth Welding weakens the metal so spot welds are to be avoided. As a...
  12. DallasEd

    SS Body SS Painting SS electrical

    Gentlemen I worked on delorean . Me and a EE could not fix the SS grounding problems. Half the deloreans were painted due to dings scuffs and visual metal problems. I own SS frig SS dishwasher SS stove. If you use any chlorinated cleaner it rusts out SS. Road NaCl is going to nuke CT SS body...
  13. DallasEd

    SS Body SS Painting SS electrical

    If it were me. I would do light weight plastic body panels. Dent or crack is a heat gun and some glue fix. Maybe short fiber reinforce plastic panels like motorcycles have and like most ICE bumpers. Cheep Easy Repaired Light weight recyclable plastic body panels and bumpers. SS is for rockets...
  14. DallasEd

    SS Body SS Painting SS electrical

    CT a delorean SS body where every electrical ground went bad and dings scratches are terminal that required entire body super expensive hard to do SS paint job. I will buy but only after owners run the CT for a few years and no electrical ground issues crop up. Best tests for the CT will be S...