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  1. Snow Plow

    Exactly. I so want a Tesla CT to really be viable. Just at this point I'm not seeing it. I don't need an oxen to perform at a drag strip. I need an oxen to out-work my horses.
  2. Snow Plow

    Here is a snip on YT of a small snowplow on a smooth driveway. The blade appears to "float" because the truck is actually pushing it along the ground. All these little shocks/impacts are absorbed by the suspension (one hopes...)
  3. Snow Plow

    If this is a serious post... plows don't work like that. To put it another way... I could duct tape a fisher plow to a bicycle, but it isn't going to hold up to the forces shocked up through the plow blade, into the plow''s truck-side mount, on then again into the frame, and then down through...
  4. Good roll up vid of changes / tweaks since launch...

    For us, the need is to use our existing equipment on a CT. Specifically, Fisher plows. I don't see this happening as the CT is not a frame-based truck. It honestly seems to be designed for drivers wanting to "look like" they need a truck. More of a status symbol than an upgrade for us. It will...
  5. Snow plowing

    I can mount anything to a bicycle. I can prob mount anything to a CyberTruck. But this misses the point. The frame on my truck takes frequent "shock impacts" of maybe 5G to 10Gs when plowing snow. You see, when plowing, we are pushing a 1000lb steel blade "across the ground" and yeah, ya hit...
  6. Snow Plow

    Mine needs to plow. Plow and Sand. Otherwise this dog don't hunt. I couldn't care less what it looks like. And I am certainly not interested in any status symbol.