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  1. Will the Cybertruck be allowed to drive in Europe?

    I think it will be much lighter then many expects. It will be an exoskeleton with an underbody mega casting with integrated batteries. It will be LIGHT and STRONG...
  2. Will the Cybertruck be allowed to drive in Europe?

    I totally agree, very disappointing. But at least now we know that we will NOT get the Cybertruck to Europe, we can stop speculating and start looking for something else instead. Too bad there is NOTHING even close to this amazing truck when it comes to specs and price :cry:
  3. Cybertruck just for North America??

    For me the Mach-E is not an option, very hard to load and ATV or snowmobil on that :) I really like the cybertrucks design. I do not mind the size of the truck, it would actually be one of the things I look forward to. I hoped that it would finally be a full size truck you could own in Europe...
  4. Cybertruck reservation order number -- how to tell your place in line

    I really hope they will deliver Cybertruck to Europe, and that as soon as possible ;) But if the Cybertruck won't be a "world truck" and not comply with EU standards I would like to know that as soon as possible too. If we can get Cybertruck in Europe within a year or two after delivery starts...
  5. Nikola is going to crush Tesla with its new technology!

    Hydrogen might work for powering off grid charging stations, but not to fuel cars and trucks.
  6. Will the Cybertruck be allowed to drive in Europe?

    I hope you are right, but i'm not convinced they will start producing two different sizes simultaneously. My fear is they will start producing the full size Cybertruck but since they already stated they also would like to make a smaller cheaper car and also perhaps a van like car. That could...
  7. Will the Cybertruck be allowed to drive in Europe?

    Most likely :cry: I wonder if we ever will get anything like the cybertruck. If Tesla already thinks the European demand for pickups is to low to even care for adapting Cybertruck to EU specifications, why would they then prioritize making a smaller pickup? I really hope i'm wrong, but i'm...
  8. Cybertruck just for North America??

    He actually said they made an executive decision to not make the truck a world truck so that it does not comply with a lot of EU specs. but they are ok with that and that they could just build a slightly smaller truck that comply with the EU specs in the future. you can listen to the clip...
  9. Cybertruck just for North America??

    Well it was actually Elon that stated that the Cybertuck would not comply the with Eu regulations. I really hope that's wrong and that it will be compliant and available even in Europe
  10. Smaller size outside US?

    According to Rivian will come to Europe. "US sales are the first goal for Rivian, but it plans for a European launch within 12 months, including in the UK in right-hand drive."
  11. Cybertruck reservation order number -- how to tell your place in line

    How many of the reservations are made outside North America? If Tesla now plan to not make the Cybertruck compliant with European regulations and perhaps instead just make it for the North American market.... I guess this will make the waiting list significantly shorter for most North American...
  12. Cybertruck just for North America??

    Will the Cybertruck just be available in North America and maybe Chine, but not in Europe? Elon recently claimed that the cybertruck will not be a world truck and therefor not be compliant with many Eu specs. If this devastating news is true, Tesla should immediately clarify this, and stop...
  13. Smaller size outside US?

    Well since we "ALL" Europeans live in tiny cities with narrow road the only option I found that will fit is this, the Honda N-Truck
  14. Smaller size outside US?

    Extremely disappointing if Tesla decides to make the cybertruck just for the north american market and not make it compliant with the EU market. The cybertruck is NOT to big for all European roads. not all Europeans live in old towns with narrow streets. Some will love the original cybertruck...
  15. Headlights

    You are right, the head lights should of course be both low and high beam and the bar between should work in offroad mode or together with the high beam lights.
  16. Headlights

    I don't understand why everyone think the cybertrucks headlight will be illegal, it is not a solid light bar. It's separate lights left and right with a highbeam lightbar inbetween. The light bar on top is according to Elon “laser blade lights” that will come standars on all cybertrucks.
  17. Cybertruck pics & videos from the Petersen Automotive Museum [Dates Extended Until July 5]

    In the photos released by tesla you can see the mounting points. But on the prototype in the Petersen Automotive museum I cannot see the same mounting points :confused:
  18. Cybertruck pics & videos from the Petersen Automotive Museum [Dates Extended Until July 5]

    Why did they have a model S hanging from the ceiling?:)
  19. Cybertruck pics & videos from the Petersen Automotive Museum [Dates Extended Until July 5]

    I think we should take in count that this is an early engineering/display prototype. If i'm not totally wrong this prototype was made with a frame and not the exoskeleton, so the underside and suspension might very well be different on the final production modell. Elon has also said that it...
  20. Loading and stepping up on the bed

    I was amazed to see how low the tailgate was when Elon steped up on the tonneau cover in the Jay Leno garage clip. This little photomontage show a quick comparison between the bedheight on the Cybertruck and an F150. It will be so much easier to step up on the Cybertrucks bed and to load it...