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  1. Archer

    CyberTruck Suspension Changes?

    Has anyone heard about the suspension changes to CyberTruck and are there any reliable sources for information on the final design? 1. My understanding is the prototypes have all been based on the model X suspension, but the model X is not off-road worthy, not even in modest conditions. 2...
  2. Archer

    CyberTrailer for the Cybertruck. This is how I will roll.

    I have pulled 5th wheels for decades and this concept is both beautiful and sleek. Keep in mind the major rookie mistake for new RV owners is not taking into account what happens when both turning and transitioning on uneven terrain, this is when most RV damage occurs as people don’t account for...
  3. Archer

    Actual finish of stainless steel exoskeleton?

    The drivers door finish is different because it was damaged during early testing and needed to be replaced.
  4. Archer

    Changing tires without a jack or lift

    Practically speaking... terrain that is not level would not be an issue and may actually make it easier to change a tire in some situations.