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  1. BryanMorera

    Cybertruck Production Delayed to 2022

    I want to see the CT on the road as much as anyone. But, I'll admit that, selfishly, any delay is ultimately beneficial to me. More time to save money for the eventual purchase. Also, I would rather take additional delays, than to accept delivery of a CT with a bunch of software issues or worse...
  2. BryanMorera

    How can the Tri-Motor Cybertruck at $70k possibly be real?

    I think that serves to demonstrate the value proposition the Tri-motor Cybertruck promises to offer its buyers. It has the tow rating of the Big-3 ICE pickups, the 0-60 of a Porche, the durability of a tank, and a range higher than any other EV and most ICE vehicles. All things being equal, if I...
  3. BryanMorera

    How can the Tri-Motor Cybertruck at $70k possibly be real?

    Couldn't have said it better myself. At the end of the day, price is determined by supply & demand, as well as status value. The Plaid+ Roadster is basically a supercar. It is reserved for those who can afford a supercar because the Roadster's purpose was and always has been to show that an...
  4. BryanMorera

    Tesla owner with Mustang Mach-E reports threats on social media from Tesla fans

    Anyone who sends any sort of harassment, let alone death threats, simply for posting about a legitimate competitor to Tesla truly does not understand Tesla's mission. See quotes from Elon below: The mission of Tesla is "to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport by bring compelling mass...
  5. BryanMorera

    Cybertruck spotted in Fremont plant

    I heard they taste like batteries... yuck! 😂😂
  6. BryanMorera

    Cybertruck spotted in Fremont plant

    Maybe it's a completed CT which is there for crash testing as noted in an article posted back on Sept. 14th? Or is it still too early for that? Would LOVE to see the results of those tests!
  7. BryanMorera

    Cybertruck spotted in Fremont plant

    While this is certainly interesting, it doesn't seem like the CT is actually on the production line, but rather right next to it. The red railings and the column block your view such that you can't see whether it has tires or not. The article says that the picture shows the CT at near...
  8. BryanMorera

    Tesla patents steering wheel with touchscreens and haptic feedback

    From the look of the design, the user interface surfaces would be on the three support beams extending from the center of the steering wheel to the outer ring, not on the center of the steering wheel itself which houses the airbag.
  9. BryanMorera

    Musk teases Giga Texas factory - for Cybertruck production?

    Texas makes a lot of sense. It has a relatively low corporate tax rate ( It is one of the highest producers of wind power ( It is at the heart of the American...
  10. BryanMorera

    Cybertruck wishlist - options or ideas you'd like to see available?

    I would like this multiple times if able.
  11. BryanMorera

    1:2 Scale Cybertruck Build Completed. Out Tugs a F-150 :)

    That looked like so much fun when they were drifting it in the snow!
  12. BryanMorera

    Ask Elon on Twitter about CT

    I tweeted him a question about how the exoskeleton would affect the cost of repairs but never received a response. Would still like an answer to this question; and, by extension, the question many have raised relating to whether the exoskeleton would allow crumple-zones to dampen the force of an...
  13. BryanMorera

    Clear look at Cybertruck touchscreen display UI showing functions and features

    One thing I dislike about the Cybertruck UI is the speedometer. I don't like that when you're between two numbers it rapidly goes back and forth between the numbers. Look at the video below from 1:14-1:30 to see what I mean:
  14. BryanMorera

    Where will Cybertruck be produced?

    To be clear, I meant that a two-year production date is not far off from what Tesla has done with previous models; such as the Model 3 which saw one year and 4 months from unveiling to the first delivery. But I understand your point as well. Those who require instant gratification should take...
  15. BryanMorera

    Cybertruck video for Mandalorian and Baby Yoda fans

    If the only thing that can mess up my Ct is arguably the most powerful being in the galaxy, I'm okay with that. 🤣
  16. BryanMorera

    Cybertruck size comparisons against other vehicles

    I love how a few of the cars were shorter than the height of the wheel wells
  17. BryanMorera

    Where will Cybertruck be produced?

    I don't doubt some things get changed, but I don't expect any major changes, especially to the design itself. One thing I've respected about Tesla is that when they unveil a product, that is what gets delivered. Whereas other automakers unveil a prototype that they have no intention of...
  18. BryanMorera

    Where will Cybertruck be produced?

    We'll excuse your fanatical optimism on account of the fact that we are all fanatically optimistic 🤣
  19. BryanMorera

    Where will Cybertruck be produced?

    That'd be great. Where did you read or hear that?
  20. BryanMorera

    Where will Cybertruck be produced?

    Does anyone know if there's been any word on which factory they intend to use to build the Cybertruck? I would like to see them built in one of the U.S. plants. It has been clear that the Cybertruck aims to compete with Ford, Dodge, and Chevy. Although Tesla is an American company, I know there...