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  1. Noncorporeal

    Can I flip my Cybertruck for profit?

    Well lets not forget that the Model Y was a much more conventional vehicle. The cyber was designed specifically for quick and cheap mass manufacturing. I honestly could see prices decrease from what they offered at the event if they can get the cost of the batteries down.
  2. Noncorporeal

    Will we need a jack...

    Interestingly, The Model X had a tire change/jack mode. Im certain that if its still present in the Model X, it will be in the cybertruck. Essentially the car would just lower the opposite wheels, and raise the other suspension. This cause the car to tilt so one wheel would be completely off the...
  3. Noncorporeal

    Wire Eating Rats

    Well tesla’s right now have flat bottoms with no holes. So there is no little holes or exposed areas for rats to crawl up under your car like ICE cars. Also, many of the wires used in tesla’s are a lot thicker than the wires in ICE cars as tesla acknowledges how wire dependent their cars are.
  4. Noncorporeal

    Clear look at Cybertruck touchscreen display UI showing functions and features

    Im very confident that the version they were using on the prototype during the event wasn't close to the final version in terms of bugginess (like the quickly alternating speedometer). I highly highly highly doubt they would release something as buggy as this to the public. It's more likely that...
  5. Noncorporeal

    Simple, low-tech interior for a utilitarian vehicle

    I think It would be quite hard to have the wall dividing the seats and the vault be removable. Mainly because the vault door is supposed to sit back there, and even if it didn't, you would still have a slot that could possibly get jamed by anything you might be carrying with the wall removed...
  6. Noncorporeal

    Simple, low-tech interior for a utilitarian vehicle

    The prototype they showed at the event had similar handles to the model s. I don't know why they would change it to anything else, as the model s door handles are amazing. You can't pick the lock into the car because the handle hides itself away. and you couldn't just smash the window because it...
  7. Noncorporeal

    Cybertruck interior color and quality

    From what I understand, Tesla makes the material they use for their seats in house. Apparently, this material does not stain, does not discolor, does not odorize, and a whole bunch of other things. As far as i can tell, they are the only ones using this material, and tesla owners right now seem...
  8. Noncorporeal

    Musk: Production Cybertruck Will Look Better Than Concept and Feature Advanced Towing Software

    See, we know that tesla are not the greatest at towing. Although other ICE vehicles are pletty terrible too, but they don’t have range anxiety to deal with. But let’s say that you and your CT were towing a moving trailer that weighed about 8,000 pounds. What if tow mode significantly increased...
  9. Noncorporeal

    Ontario Police asks Musk to Suggest Cybertruck or Model X Police Vehicle

    I bet the cybertruck is the best, seeing as it is bulletproof, does not dent, is fast, and has more space. Also, the model x has loads of consumer electronics that would need to be stripped out [falcon doors, auto opening doors, etc]. Not because they really need to be taken out, but it doesn't...
  10. Noncorporeal

    Robotaxis - won't they be trashed?

    I bet tesla will insure the vehicles while they are in robotaxi mode, for when someone like really does destroy the car or something. From there, I bet you could just report the people who trashed your car to tesla, and they could be deplatformed, fined, or maybe both. I'm sure tesla will find a...
  11. Noncorporeal

    Robotaxi Cybertruck fleet with Income Generation Purpose?

    I purchased the FSD addon mainly so i could just have the car drive me around, not primarily for the robo taxi service, but i will definitely do that. My main question is, could you get your car to come drive to you? For example, say I went to the airport with uber or something, but when i get...
  12. Noncorporeal

    Cybertruck vs Hummer EV

    I wonder if they will change the design from the H2 that much. My geuss is it will just have slightly cooler headlights and Taillights but really just be an electrified H2. What do you guys think?
  13. Noncorporeal

    Cybertruck renderings and creations

    I bet a lot of people would do the same! I know they are thinking about something like this at Tesla, but i wonder if they would add other features since a lot of the cool stuff in the CT is centered around the vault (vault door, t rails, L clips, Ramp in tailgate, power outlets, etc.) What do...
  14. Noncorporeal

    Vinyl wrap the tonneau cover

    That is true, but that’s probably where they have the motors and other electronics. Also, I meant the driver of the cybertruck said “it’s rolled up behind you” when the passengers asked him about it.
  15. Noncorporeal

    Vinyl wrap the tonneau cover

    Well, when they gave test rides, they said that it was rolled up behind the seats but there is something to say about it being below the bed. As we don’t know the exact placement of the batteries, it may make more sense to have it make a tall u behind the rear seats, but if the bed doesn’t have...
  16. Noncorporeal

    Rover has it ... the Cyber has got to .. heated massage front seats

    Seeing as the production of the exoskeleton and electronic systems will be pretty simple, they should be able to make some aspects of the truck more complex, like massaging seats! Personally, I think the standard tesla seats are incredibly comfortable but added features like massaging seats...
  17. Noncorporeal

    Autoline: Has Cybertruck Changed Pickup Design?

    I don't think you really know how frantic other truckmakers are. They are scrambling to convince people that they have a better product (they don't). We have seen EV startups and major companies copying Tesla for years. It would be ridiculous to say that the cybertruck won't do the same. The...
  18. Noncorporeal

    Using a Supercharger while towing a trailer

    I actually commented on a similar topic about batteries in the trailer, but I would say they might just have some trailers (RV models) have a Megacharger port, and since the trailer would be tethered to the cybertruck, it could charge the cybertruck too!
  19. Noncorporeal

    CT trailer with built in battery pack.

    Me too! I don't really think they would put batteries in the trailer either way, but in some renders, we have seen an RV trailer. I would put money on them attaching a battery pack to that, seeing as you could power internal appliances and outlets without drawing from the cybertruck. And solar...