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  1. ceramic coating?

    high pressure water hose more important is water proof interior and drain plugs to let out water (in the bed too)
  2. How about a quad motor option

    Tesla doesn't need to do EVERYTHING. Supercars (Rimac, and and others) Tesla provides BEST value in my opinion. Others supply highest prices and most expensive gimmicks. Seems Bollinger & Rivian may both cost more?? We shall see.
  3. Cybertruck vs Porsche

    Cybertruck still being designed. Built only one? maybe two?? Prototypes. [other manufacturers would call it a "concept"] Traditionally: Engineering Prototypes next (~10?) to test and design parts/systems. Then Validation Prototypes(again ~10?) used to develop & test actual manufacturing...
  4. Trimotor or Dual motor????

    Could easily be the last vehicle you buy . (only downside seems the large size?)
  5. Cybertruck reservations / ordering date
  6. Tesla European Gigafactory will break ground next year

    Comparing factory build times - I suspect the more corruption, the longer the time to construct. Interesting to watch how Tesla in Berlin goes. Elon mentioned that in California seems 2 years just for permits - one of the main reasons to go to Nevada. Consider how long it takes to do Atomic...
  7. Tesla Cybertruck Reveal Set for Nov 21st! Invite Teaser Image and Details Inside

    I would suspect all reservations would be done over the internet. Surely smart phone friendly. I'm sure the Tesla stores would be happy to help - for those internet illiterate. Public view of reservation numbers? instant/hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly? Or usual "company...