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  1. joegaber

    Wonder if the Mexican Cartels Will Ever Try to Steal Cybertrucks to bring South of the Border.........

    April 3, 2019 I was driving along hwy 15 heading north through the state of Sinaloa into the state of Sonora. I was about 40 miles south of Guaymas when I went off road to explore mtn biking trails as I was planning on living in San Carlos on my sailboat majority of year. About a mile off...
  2. joegaber

    Is there anyway to make the CyberTruck carjack proof, (so everyone knows you can't take this car)? It has to be a super cool way of course!!! they are getting several cyber trucks to put together a kit to make the cyber truck anywhere from bullet proof from AR NATO rounds AK 47 rounds sniper rounds, vehicle avoidance equipment, etc. etc.