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  1. CiberMods

    Let's talk L-track accessories!

    So there isn’t a ton of information about L track or aviation track out there. No wiki that I could find. Dug a bit and found the SAE spec for them: AMS-QQ-A-200/11 They are used for mounting commercial airline seats to the fuselage and securing cargo in aviation.
  2. CiberMods

    Let's talk L-track accessories!

    The L tracks are going to be very useful! You should check out how the aviation industry uses them. I have been pulling a lot of inspiration from the applications they have for that system of mounting. I hope the final truck implements T slots in the bed (though there is more evidence against...
  3. CiberMods

    Is anyone already working on the design and manufacturing of mods?

    I plan on doing just that! I have been working on designs and ideas for the past 6 months or so. I planning on finalizing designs within the year and might launch a kickstarter for a few products to see how the reception goes. We have a simple design philosophy very similar to the cybertruck...