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  1. TomGriff

    Plaid kind of boring

    I love driving my "old" "slow" 15 MS 70D, the AWD sticks to the road and can corner faster than is safe on public roads. Not at all boring to me. I don't miss changing oil, replacing MASFO sensors, spark plugs, O2 sensors, diagnosing engines that developed a miss, etc. That being said I do love...
  2. TomGriff

    Limited CT Production

  3. TomGriff

    Do Tesla cars come with a brake controller for trailers?

    I would assume that the CT will have an integrated brake controller. 6K is really high, I would never tow a trailer anywhere close to 6K lbs without trailer brakes. A quick look through the attachment found most states have requirements in 2-3K range with Alaska at 5K. A few states don't seem...
  4. TomGriff

    MotoTrend: The 2022 Rivian R1T Is the Most Remarkable Pickup We’ve Ever Driven

    That was decades ago, but 2013 was Tesla Model S. As far as I can tell they selected a Dodge Ram as the Truck of the Year for this year. I suspect the Rivian is likely to be a really good truck. Will it be as good as a Cybertruck or F150 Platinum, don't know because none are in production - no...
  5. TomGriff

    MotoTrend: The 2022 Rivian R1T Is the Most Remarkable Pickup We’ve Ever Driven

    It will be interesting to see, because you are right, it will probably limited to 2 people, their gear and a 3000-5000 pound trailer. Due to the small payload, trailer tongue weight will end up being the limiting factor for towing. That being said smaller F150 engines have similar payloads...
  6. TomGriff

    CT Companion vehicle - model 2, Aptera or other

    It would take 25 years to break even on my house with my climate and my electricity consumption/costs. I believe that in the next 5-10 years as technology continues to improve the financial case will become more compelling.
  7. TomGriff

    CT Companion vehicle - model 2, Aptera or other

    My choices were similar. I have two electric cars because I thought they were better values. Environmental concerns had very little to do with my purchase. I believe that as people are exposed to EVs and realize that the "lack of charging infrastructure" isn't particularly relevant IF you can...
  8. TomGriff

    CT Companion vehicle - model 2, Aptera or other

    I would love to go solar, but with my electricity at 8.5 cents/KwH it doesn't make sense financially. For regions with cheap electricity and not as many sunny days (parts of the Pacific Northwest), until solar becomes cheaper there is no financial case for refitting a house with it. The...
  9. TomGriff

    Tent + kitchen setup: a bit impractical

    One of the reasons I would never go with an RV without a towed car, breaking camp is too much wasted time and sucks when it is raining....
  10. TomGriff

    Elon Musk: Superchargers open to all other EVs later this year.

    As a Bolt and Tesla owner it won't make much difference to me (both great cars for different reasons - although the propensity for Bolts to catch on fire and Chevy's inability to get it fixed is starting reduce my love for the Bolt). I've had great luck with Electrify America and they are in the...
  11. TomGriff

    Front Bumpers + License Plates

    CT attracts a diverse group of people including at least two Red Green fans...keep your stick on the ice.
  12. TomGriff

    Glass Topper is a SHOW STOPPER !

    I'm not Crissa, but as a long time motorcycle rider, shade/sun can create very challenging visibility situations when you're riding into the sun. If you have sunglasses on, then it can be hard to pick up debris in the road, if you don't have sunglasses the light can be blinding. Adventure style...
  13. TomGriff

    Samsung and Tesla sign deal for Cybertruck rearview mirrors / cameras

    I have a Bolt as well and it took me awhile to get used to the rearview mirror camera. I particularly like when backing up, between the rear camera and rearview camera, outstanding rear visibility. I don't like it on the freeway because it is really hard to judge distance. More time on the...
  14. TomGriff

    I wish Musk would consider this concept

    Exactly, I don't think it will have a dash screen like the S/X do, it will have an interior similar but not the same as the 3/Y, particularly with the center screen. None of the interior pictures/videos I've seen show a dash screen and the interior looks like they are following the very...
  15. TomGriff

    I wish Musk would consider this concept

    Based on price of the CT, I would expect it will be closer to 3/Y than S/X in interior. The price of the CT is a huge selling point.
  16. TomGriff

    Cybertruck camera mirrors

    Off topic but had to say, great CG stripe on your CT.
  17. TomGriff

    Cybertruck camera mirrors

    Note this rulemaking isn't to approve allowing cars without mirrors. This is to allow them to collect data in support of research into camera monitoring systems. OMB requires notice in the Federal Register for the federal government to collect information and this notice is to meet OMB data...
  18. TomGriff

    Any updates?

    Unless you are going to be seriously offroading (eg, rock crawling or mud bogging) you won't need offroad tires. If you are just going on forest roads and easy to medium jeep trails, regular tires will be fine, particularly if you air down. But yes, true offroad oriented tires will be louder and...
  19. TomGriff

    Wiring harness for towing

    Based on selling this as a "real" truck it should come with an integrated brake controller. The Model X did not come with a brake controller but did come with wiring, so it seems that it is a pretty simple install. While I'm excited about the CT, I'm not sure it is going to be great for towing...