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  1. CyberLandr Camper / Overlander Concept for Cybertruck

    If they do produce the Cyberlander it would be a good deal at $15,000 less then they are asking for it now. Then the wife would let me get one.
  2. Texas Freeze Raises Cost Of Charging A Tesla To $900

    Sounds to me like Texas gas company failed to supply the natural gas to both individual homes for heat and the electric company at the same time being so cold.
  3. Updated CyberTruck to be shown in a month or so AFTER WE GET THE 8000 TON CASTING MACHINE RUNNING!

    All I a am looking for is the updates on the side mirrors, wiper (s) and a possible suspension travel increase update. I would also like to find out more about the storage spaces because I can't seem to find much info on it.
  4. Car designer Frank Stephenson's view on the Cybertruck

    Ok, I will keep my mouth shut for now.
  5. Car designer Frank Stephenson's view on the Cybertruck

    I did not read auto correct well enough. Also that guy wants a car not a truck.
  6. Car designer Frank Stephenson's view on the Cybertruck

    I suggest you don't get one and fall behind the times. Your video just some how irritated me. And I don't need any one tiring to change my mind about any thing.
  7. Lordstown missing details on Endurance despite saying they're shipping early 2021

    Also I noticed the ford was hooked off center. Any one else notice?
  8. How many are buying CT that DONT actually NEED a truck?

    I used to have many large Vans until my work became a 130 mile round trip gas is not cheap, now I drive a Honda CRV with a trailer as needed. Been thinking electric for a while and almost put down for the model Y. I ordered the CT tri motor with FSD . But having trouble with the waiting. I live...
  9. Solar Carport for Cybertruck

    Yes I like that idea, could even work off grid.
  10. Air suspension and tire in/deflation from cab

    Option is best, I personally like to physically check my tires on occasion. As part of my daily walk around.