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  1. Where to mount VHF/UHF and HF antennas on Cybnertruck?

    Not a dumb idea at all. You are talking about a "slot antenna" in which is slot is cut out of a conducting sheet and the sheet driven appropriately. The radiation pattern is the same as that of a metal structure of the same shape as the slot.
  2. No CT?

    I doubt very much that anyone took this seriously.
  3. No CT?

    I'd believe that.
  4. No CT?

    I know a guy whose brother in law has a friend whose cousin plays golf with a man whose sister is in a book club with a gal married to the chief of design at Tesla. Don't worry about a thing. The CT is on schedule and will have 859 mile EPA range.
  5. What is this?

    Don't want to get too clinical but urine is actually sterile until it hits the air where opportunistic bateria quickly move in.
  6. How fast in reverse

    I'm smart enough to know better than to do that!
  7. How fast in reverse

    There was for years a radio show called "Prarie Home Companion" set in Lake Wobegone "Where the men are strong, the women are good looking and all the children are above average". The joke is that this is impossible.
  8. How fast in reverse

    The bit about Lake Wobegone was your clue.
  9. How fast in reverse

    We are assuming an insurance salesman is a gamma? That's definitely bottom quartile thinking.
  10. How fast in reverse

    Actually I have trouble believing that anyone in the lower 2 quartiles would accumulate sufficient wealth to order a CT. So we are in a digital Lake Wobegone: everyone is above average. But I guess there could be some pretty slow trust fund babies out there. The ones I have trouble with in the...
  11. How fast in reverse

    He wasn't playing. He was in fact a stunt man. I'm taking this as a joke but there are people here gullible enough to believe it. Picture yourself on the drivers side of a car moving in front of you from right to left. Which way are the wheels turning? Now move to the passenger side. Which way...
  12. Does the cybertruck shift gears?

    “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.” ― Mark Twain Perfect, just perfect!
  13. Rivian Starts shipping to Customer

    I don't think any of us need worry too much about the IPO. IPO's aren't for the common folk like us. At some time after the institutional investors have gobbled up all the shares some will begin to trade on the open markets. The price will stabilize. That's when we get to buy. Also we have no...
  14. Dealerships are such hot garbage and need to be taken out

    I've done both and I have to say that the experiences did not match the on-line whinging. Not saying that some people haven't had bad experiences with Tesla and conversely not all experiences with traditional dealerships leave one feeling as if he has been dealing with feelthy peecture salesmen...
  15. Does the cybertruck shift gears?

    If there is a drive shaft then that is the transmission but i think we can agree that the Lordstown Endurance has no transmission.
  16. Does the cybertruck shift gears?

    Anyone who knows anything about automotive engineering would understand me if referred to the transmission in a Tesla as a transmission. As the most likely context would be in talking to someone at Tesla about it (e.g. service) I think even you can see that it is probably best if I refer to it...
  17. Does the cybertruck shift gears?

    Oh, O.K. I think I understand. Would you just be so kind, then, to explain to me to which part of my car this bit from the manual is referring?
  18. Does the cybertruck shift gears?

    That fact alone makes them transmissions via the Oxford definition. I am getting curious, though, as to why a couple of you don't think they are transmissions. What do you think a tranmission is or what things or properties do you think power tranmitting equipment must have to qualify it as a...
  19. Charging scheduled time slots

    There is lots of stuff Tesla could do if they wanted to. Your route is planned by the mother ship, not in your car, so they know, to some extent, who is planning to charge at which charger when. They also know (or can know) where every Tesla on the road is. They also know the SoC of every car at...
  20. Does the cybertruck shift gears?

    If you have no idea about what it is wouldn't it be better to not venture an opinion as to what it isn't? The "thing" that transmits the power from the motor to the wheels involves a set of reduction gears as does any other gear based transmission. The difference here is that it is a "constant...